Edexcel C1 Topic 2

  1. Name the 3 types of rock.
    • Igneous
    • Metamorphic
    • Sedimentary
  2. Which is the only type of rock to contain fossils?
  3. How are metamorphic rocks formed from sedimentary ones?
    Through heat and pressure over a long period of time
  4. What type of rock is limestone and chalk?
  5. What type of rock is marble?
  6. How are sedimentary rocks formed?
    Layers of sediment are compacted and cemented over millions of years
  7. What are the 2 types of igneous rock?
    Intrusive and extrusive
  8. Why do intrusive rocks have large crystals?
    The rocks cool slowly underground
  9. What is the chemical name for limestone?
    Calcium Carbonate
  10. Which elements does CaCO3 contain?
    • Calcium
    • Carbon
    • Oxygen
  11. Name 3 disadvantages of limestone quarrying.
    • Noise pollution
    • Dust pollution
    • Destroys animals habitats
    • Eyesore
  12. Name 2 advantages of limestone quarrying.
    • Provides jobs for local people
    • Provides money for the local economy
  13. What is the name of the process that uses heat to break down a metal carbonate?
    Thermal Decomposition
  14. What is the word equation for the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate?
    Calcium Carbonate --> Calcium Oxide + Carbon Dioxide
  15. What is the chemical test for carbon dioxide?
    Bubble through limewater and it will turn milky/cloudy
  16. What is produced when calcium oxide reacts with water?
    Calcium Hydroxide
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