Anthro Terminology

  1. Consanguineal
    related by blood
  2. affinal
    related by marriage
  3. fictive
    not blood, adobpted children
  4. patrilocal
    wife with male and strangers
  5. matrilocal
    male with famale and strangers
  6. monogamy
    having one spouce at a time
  7. polygamy
    having more than one spouce at a time
  8. polygyny
    permitting a man to have more than one wife
  9. polyandry
    2+ husbands
  10. Pathic Marriage
    gay marriage
  11. Arrange marriage
    self explainatory
  12. Materialism
    marry for resources
  13. idealistic
    to be with each other
  14. bridewealth
    transfer of goods to bride's family
  15. dowry
    transfer of goods to groom's family
  16. bridge-service
    a man must work for the bride's family
  17. levirate
    man marries widow of deceased brother
  18. sororate
    wife dies, her sister takes her place
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Anthro Terminology