Anthro 161 Test 3

  1. The ability of Ego to assess the mental states
    of individuals is  know as ?
  2. Reciprocal altruism argues the altruism involves more than just kin T/F
  3. The triune brain or exectitive brain among
    primates is equivanent to the __________.
  4. The forebrain of primates contains
    1.R-complex (Motor/conforming behaviors cortex)

    • 2.Limbic System (paleomammalian portion of the
    • brain)

    3.Neocortex (gyrus)
  5. Paleozoic
    • -Age of Invertebrates
    • -Cambrian "Explosion"
    • -540 million Years ago
  6. Menozoic
    • -Age of Reptiles
    • -251million years ago
    • -Permian Extinction
  7. Cenozoic
    • -Age of mammals
    • -66 million years ago
    • -KT extinction
  8. Prolactin is a hormone that:
    Suppresses ovulation
  9. Among primates the sex that has the most to gain or lose during mating endeavors is which sex?
    Male (because of male competition)
  10. Several anatomic features appeared in Mid-miocene hominids, likely serving as a form of insurance for procuring enough food in hard times. What were they?
    • -Thick enameled molars
    • -Robust Mandible 
    • -Flared Zygomatic arche (Cheek bones)
  11. What did the Japanese Macaques consume in the video?
    • - Grasshoppers
    • - Flowers
    • - Beans (from farmers fields)
    • - Tree Bark

  12. What is the reproductive tradeoff for a female primate?
    • Less care for many
    • OR
    • More care for few
  13. Large body size, huge canines, phylogyny, and enlarged testes are all indicators of
    Intra-sexual selection
  14. What techniques can be used to help bridge the "dating gap" btw the max age range of 14C and the minimum age of K-Ar?
    • Thermaluminesence (TL) 
    • or 
    • Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
  15. What are Relative dating techniques?
    • -Stratagraphy: Law of Super position
    • -Biostratigraphy: They lived at the same time=> probably same age 
    • -Paleomagnetism: North pole switches to South pole
  16. What are absolute dating techniques?
    • Radiocarbon (14C)
    • - dates approx 75,000 years ago
    • RadioPotassium (K-Ar or Ar-Ar)
    • - dates approx. 1,000,000 years ago
  17. Infanticide is a sexually - selected reproductive strategy that benefits which sex? males or females
  18. What kind of selection was mathematically formulated by Bill Hamilton as rb>c?
    Kin Selection
  19. T/F Detailed studies of Free-ranging in captive chimp populations suggest that Chimps are capable of being good politicians when they wish to get their way?
  20. A mammal lineage that developed a zygomatic arche
  21. Clade1 hominid that illustrates evolution
  22. Aegypopithecus
    propliopithecid forerunner of monkeys and apes
  23. The O2 isotope ratio of their "tests" is used to reconstruct past climatic change
  24. Plesiadapiformes
    Close relative to primates
  25. By comparison to living apes, Clade 2 hominids of the later Miocene epoch were characterized by...
    Primitive teeth and modern locomotion
  26. The general pattern of worlwide climatic change over the past 100million years is toward...
    Cool and Dry
  27. Mtn Gorillas dominance by Silver back gorillas is a example of
    Ultimate Polygyny
  28. What is the likely explanation of monkeys in South America?
  29. Which primate uses sex to diffuse aggression?
  30. Langur Males kill infants
  31. Pangea
    One big continent
  32. Ego's Offspring + Close relative Offspring
    Inclusive Fitness
  33. Potassium turning to Argon during 1.3 billion years
  34. Intellegence btw primates involves
    E. all the above
  35. Large testes are a trait of
    Intra Sexual
  36. Which kind of primates generally employs more complex foraging techniques in the extraction and processing of hard to get food
    Great Apes
  37. O2 was around when the oceans were first developed?
  38. The movement of Chystal land masses on earths surface which has affected the evolution of life forms overtime is today explained by:
    • Plate Tectonics 
    • (closest in San Andreious Falls)
  39. Biostratigraphy is a _____________type of dating technique
  40. What type of primate has a red hour glass shape on his chest
  41. Longest interbirth interval in primates world are...
    Orangutans at 7-9 years
  42. Early primates coevolved with flowerplants
  43. Prefix: Gymn
  44. Stand for something
    Leaf clipping
  45. Greatest single back to back births in a life time
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