Health Studies Stage 3

  1. What are the 4 levels of the Ecological Framework?
    Individual --> Relationship --> Community --> Societal
  2. What are the 5 levels in Maslows Hierarchy of needs?
    Physiological --> Safety --> Belonging --> Esteem --> Self-actualisation
  3. What is an example of a Physiological need?
    • Air
    • Water
    • Food
    • Sleep
  4. What are some examples of Safety Needs?
    • Living in a safe area
    • Medical Insurance
    • Job security
    • Financial reserves
  5. What are some examples of Social Needs?
    • Friendship
    • Belonging to a group
    • Giving and receiving love
    • Intimate relationship
  6. What are some examples of Esteem Needs?
    • External
    • Recognition
    • Attention
    • Social Status
    • Internal
    • Accomplishment
    • Self-respect
  7. List some guiding prinicples for Health Promotion (WHO 2006)?
    • Health as a fundemental human right and sound social investment
    • Equity and social justice in health promotion
    • Social resposibility of the public and private sectors in promoting health
    • Individual and community participation as a pre-requisite
    • The individual has a social responsibility over the own health
    • Empowerment of the individuals and communities for health promotion
    • Integration of health promotion activities across sectors
    • Professional ethics and standards
  8. "Defined by researching information about the aspects of the people that have caused them to be categorized as a specific population" This is known as?
  9. The Elderly, Men, Women, Young people, Adolescents, Children are all example of what?
    Specific populations
  10. What kind of data can we use to determine the needs of a specicfic population?
    Epidemiological Data
  11. Access and equity issues in relation to health are usually due to?
    • Cost
    • Distance
    • Language
    • Literacy
    • Communication skills
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