State Board Exam For Esthetics

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  1. What does stand OSHA?
    Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  2. What does OSHA do?
    They regulate and enforce safety and health standards to protect employees in the work place.
  3. What does HCS stand for ?
    Hazard Communication Standard
  4. what does HCS do?
    It requires that all chemical manufacturers, and or importers to: to list and communicate potential hazards associated with their products.
  5. What does MSDS stands for?
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  6. What is MSDS?
  7. What are disinfectants?
    Disinfectant are Chemical products That destroy all bacteria, fungi and viruses but spores on  surfaces
  8. Hospital disinfectant what are they?
    Hospital disinfectant are effective for cleaning blood and bodily fluids. they can be used on anything nonporous
  9. What is a Tuberculocidal disinfectants?
    Tuberculocidal disinfectants are capable of killing bacteria that cause Tuberculosis. A Diseases caused by bacteria that is transmitted through cough or sneezing. These bacteria capable of forming spores, so they are difficult to kill.
  10. What is mycrobacterium Fortuitum?
    a Bacteria found in tapwater In small numbers it's harmless
  11. What is bacilli?
    Short,rod-shaped bacteria
  12. What are staphylococci?
    A pus-forming bacteria that grows in clusters like a bunch of grapes
  13. what is a methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus?
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