25.1.2 and 3

  1. Internal Dissent
    • a.      Growth of nationalismà not all ethnic groups achieved goal of nationhood
    •                                                               i.      Minorities, like Slavs, wanted own national states
    • b.      Socialist labor movements were more powerful and used strikes to achieve goals
    •                                                               i.      Some conservative leaders feared that European nations were on verge of revolution
    • 1.      Historians believe war was way to quell internal dissent
  2. Militarism
    • a.      Growth of large mass armies just showed how destructive war would be
    • b.      Conscription was regular practice
    • c.       Military machines doubled in size between 1890 and 1914
    • d.      Russian army
    •                                                               i.      1.3 million men
    • a.      French and Germans behind
    • b.      Most European land armies filled with peasants
  3. Militarism was more than
    • a.      Militarism was more than just large armies= influence of military leaders
    •                                                               i.      Military leaders created intricate plans that must be followed, leading to inability to be flexibleà decision making for military instead of political reason
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25.1.2 and 3