1. Name 2 cooking methods used in the dining facility
    moist and dry heat
  2. What should be done to meat before braising?
    It should be seared first in hot fat.
  3. What happens to meat during the exposure to moist heat?
    The proteins that make up the muscle fibers are denaturing or unwinding a bit.
  4. How are the major flavor compounds developed when grilling or broiling?
    Through browning of the food and any marinade used before the heating of the food.
  5. What is the temperature range for frying?
    325oF - 400oF
  6. What part(s) of the thermometer should be inserted to the center of the meat at its thickest point?
    The tip of the thermometer, which is heat sensitive, should be inserted to the center of the meat at its thickest point.
  7. How can you tell if the meat doneness is rare?
    Meat juices should run dark red with a temperature of 130oF
  8. What do people usually choose their food with?
    People choose their food with their eyes. That is, they either accept or reject food items on the serving line based solely on their appearance.
  9. What is the cardinal rule when displaying food on the serving line?
    Arrange food properly
  10. Who is responsible for the entire serving operation?
    Shift leader
  11. What is the most important garnishing characteristic when producing the desired effects?
    The size
  12. Define progressive cooking
    Cooking small batches of food to be available as needed.
  13. Name some progressive cooking pointers?
    • When cooking, remember these tips:
    • 1. Open canned items only as needed
    • 2. Research your recipes before each meal to estimate how long it takes to prepare a menu item. Then look at the Production Log to see when that item is scheduled to be on the serving line. From there, you can determine when to start preparing it.
    • 3. Do NOT complete all food preparation for a meal before the serving line is opened.
  14. How should you store food?
    Date new food items and store them behind the older food items.
  15. How can you consistently yield products of the same quality and quantity?
    Standardized recipes that are followed by the instructions given and use the components listed in the recipe.
  16. List 4 ways to conserve fuel or energy in the dining facility.
    • Any 4 of the following:
    • 1. Ensure exterior doors to the facility are closed.
    • 2. Ensure fridge and freezer doors are closed and sealed properly
    • 3. Use appropriate temps when cooking food.
    • 4. Preheat ovens so extra fuel and cooking times are not required. Do not leave ovens on all day just so they are ready when needed.
    • 5. Ensure thermometers are calibrated
    • 6. Ensure all equipment is maintained properly.
    • 7. Ensure freezers are defrosted frequently so they maintain proper temperature and air circulation.
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