Oxidase Test

  1. What is the oxidase test purpose?
    To identify bacteria that contain cytochrome c oxidase
  2. What is the function of cytochrom C oxidase?
    Carry the electron from cytochrom C to O2 in Electron transport chain. reducing O2 to H2O

    Can also catalyze the reduction of cytochrome C by a chromogenic reducing agent
  3. Is Enterobacteriaceae oxidase (+) or (-)?
    Oxidase (-)
  4. What do we call chemical that develop color as they become oxidized?
    Chromogenic reducing agent
  5. What is the chromogenic reducing agent used in oxidase test?
  6. What does it mean if the bacteria turn purple when TMPD is added to the bacteria?
    • The bacteria contain cytochrom c oxidase and that oxidized cytochrome c. 
    • The oxidase test is positive
  7. What happen when the bacteria is colorless when TMPD is added?
    Phenylenediamine is reduced
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