1. Makes throaty sounds
    Responds to sound of voice
    Momentary head lift
    Hands fisted
    Regards face
    Follows to midline
    1 month
  2. Coos spontaneously
    Lifts head 45 degress whil prone
    Regards hand
    Smiles responsively
    Follows to 90 degrees
    2 months
  3. Squeals and laughs
    Turns to sound
    Lifts head 90 degrees when prone
    Hands together
    Grasps objects
    Regards raisen
    Smiles spontaneously
    Vocalizes at mirror
    Sustained regard for object in hand
    4-5 months
  4. Single syllables
    Imitates sounds
    Sits alone
    Palmar grasp
    Reaches and transfers
    Feeds self cracker
    Looks for dropped object
    6-7 months
  5. "mama" "dada" nonspecific
    Follows one step command with gesture
    Gets to sitting
    Pulls to stand
    Pincer grasp with palm
    Bangs two cubes
    Stranger anxiety
    9-10 months
  6. Says words
    Follws one step command, no gestures
    Stands alone
    Unassisted pincer grasp
    Plays with ball
    Object permanence after visible displacement
    12 months
  7. Says 4-6 words
    Ponts to >1 body part
    Walks up steps holding rail
    Builds a tower 3-4 cubes
    Imitative play
    Drinks from cup
    18 months
  8. 2-3 word sentences
    Speech 50% understandable
    Points to six body parts
    Follows two step command
    Jumps in place
    Build tower 6-7 cubes
    Feeds doll
    Object permanence after invisible displacement
    24 months
  9. 3-4 word sentences
    Speech is 75% understandable
    Carries simple conversation
    Repeats 3 digits
    Broad jump
    Throws ball
    Draws circle
    Understands taking turns
    Dresses with help
    3 years
  10. Names 3-4 colors
    Speech is 100% understandable
    Names 3 objects
    Defines 3 objects
    Draws a cross
    Plays cooperative games
    Dresses without help
    4 years
  11. Defines five words
    Repeats 4 digits forward
    Walks stairs without using railing
    Draws a triangle
    Follows rules
    Brushes teeth without help
    Prepares cereal
    5 years
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