P&P Ch.1

  1. The Fire Chief shall be responsible to the:

    a) Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu
    b) Honolulu City Council
    c) Honolulu Fire Commission
    d) all of the above
    Answer: d
  2. Who is responsible to review and approve the administrative structure of the Department?
    The Mayor
  3. Who reviews budgetary requests and is the legal body to create, eliminate, and fund
    Department positions?
    the City Council
  4. Who appoints the Fire Chief, reviews the annual budget, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council?
    The Fire Commission
  5. The Department's executive staff consists of:
    the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chief and four Assistant Fire Chiefs.
  6. The four Assistant Chiefs direct the operations of which departments?
    Ad Services, Fire Ops, Planning and Development, and Support Services
  7. Four bureaus support the mission of the Department. What are they?
    FCC, Training, Ad Services, and FPB
  8. Community Relations fall under whose authority?
    The Deputy Fire Chief
  9. When there is a change in the Policies and Procedures Manual, what responsibilities need to be carried out by Company Commanders?
    Review the revisions with personnel, document the review as a drill, and log it in the RMS
  10. The Administrative Services Bureau is divided into these four sections:
    Ad Services Section, OSHO, Personnel, and IT
  11. Any fraction of an hour of OT
    worked shall be converted to the nearest _____ minutes.
  12. Cash register receipts issued by vendors shall be kept for a period of ___ years for City audit and then destroyed
  13. The _______ is responsible to monitor the status of all equipment purchased with CDBG funds.
    Property Inventory Clerk
  14. All equipment purchased with CDBG funds will be issued an agency identification number preceded by the letter “___”
  15. If a member’s state of Hawaii driver’s license is revoked for any reason, the member shall
    notify his supervisor immediately.
  16. True or False: Only the Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief are authorized to wear full dress uniforms.
  17. True or False: Wearing of the uniform or any part thereof which would identify a person as a member of the Department while off duty or on any type of leave is prohibited without the permission of the Fire Chief.
  18. When can you wear a dress cap indoors?
    When you are in formation
  19. Company Commanders are delegated with the authority to take disciplinary action against subordinate employees up to the level of a __________.
    written reprimand
  20. Chief Officers are delegated with the authority to take disciplinary actions against their subordinate employees up to the level of _______.
  21. Personnel arrested on a felony offense as defined under Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 701-107 ("felony charge") shall verbally notify ________.
    the office of the Fire Chief
  22. How often should a station mattress be turned over?
    Once a week
  23. How often should a UST Vedeer Root System be checked to ensure normal operations and acceptable water levels in the tank?
    Twice a month on the 1st and 16th.
  24. Limit the watering of station lawns and plants to __________ between the hours of ________.
    Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays; 1800-2000
  25. Company Commanders shall be responsible to see that roof drains of their respective stations are inspected and cleaned on the __________.
    first general maintenance day of every month
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