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  1. Pros of Individual Branding
    Insulates products from failures of other brands

    Maybe best if products vary widely in type,targeting, and/or quality

    Better protects
  2. Cons of Individual Branding
    By far the most costly and risky

    May requires thatyou also build a“corporate brand”as well
  3. Pros of Family Branding
    By far the least expensive approach

    Good if your products have a similar focus

    Good for buildingBrand Equity for the Parent Company
  4. Cons of Family Branding
    Could lead to“Brand Dilution”'

    Bad experience witha product in one area could negatively effect other products
  5. Pros for Family-Endorsed Branding
    Allows for building a separate identity with the added help of the family brand.

    May allow for awider variety ofproducts with lessrisk of Brand Dilution
  6. cons for Family-Endorsed Branding
    More expensivethan family branding
  7. Eight Steps of The Branding Process
    • 1. Brand Architecture
    • 2. Market Research
    • 3. Positioning
    • 4. Develop Brand Identity
    • 5. Develop name, logo, & tagline
    • 6. Launch your brand
    • 7. Manage, leverage, & protect your brand
    • 8. Realign your brand (if necessary)
  8. The Brand Identity Statement
    Defines what your brand stands for and serves  as the steering wheel for your entire branding strategy.

    Wraps together the company’s mission, value,and promise with the Brand Personality Statement, Positioning, and Targeting.

    The Brand Identity Statement is the “Mission
  9. Defining Your Brand-The Base
    Mission Statement

    Vision Statement

    Business Promise
  10. The Mission Statement
    A statement of the organization’s scope, often identifying its customers, markets, products,technology, and values
  11. Vision Statement
    Defines your company’s long-term aspirations
  12. Business Promise
    Summarizes the positive difference you deliver to all who deal with your company

    Internally, your business promise should be included in your Product Innovation Charter(PIC)

    Externally, it could be the basis of your tagline (in step 5)
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