Eyes and ears 12&13

  1. sclera
    outer part of eye
  2. scleromalacia
    softening of the sclera
  3. keratoplasty
    surgical repair of cornea
  4. kerato/o
  5. choroid
    middle layer of eye
  6. iridoplegia
    paralysis of the iris
  7. -plegia
  8. cataract
    clouding of the lens in the eye
  9. detached retina
    separation of the retina from the choroid in back of the eye
  10. optic nerve
    carries visual impulse from retina to the brain
  11. vitreous fluid
    substance found behind lens to help eye keep its shape
  12. lacrimal
    p.t tears
  13. meibomian glands
    oil glands
  14. chalazion
    meibomian cyst
  15. conjunctiva
    mucus membrane lining the eylids and covering the anterior portion of the sclera
  16. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the conjunctiva (pink eye)
  17. blepharoptosis
    drooping of the eyelid
  18. diplopia
    double vision
  19. -opia
  20. nyctalopia
    poor vision at night
  21. ocul/o
  22. ophthalm/o
  23. ophthalmalgia
    pain in the eye
  24. oculomycosis
    abnormal condition of the eye caused by fungus
  25. myopia
    near sighted
  26. hyperopia
    far sighted
  27. pupillometer
    instrument to measure the pupil
  28. tonometer
    instrument to measure pressure in the eye
  29. miotic
    agent that constricts the pupil
  30. mydriatic
    agent that dilates the pupil
  31. strambismus
    abnormal condition of squint or cross eyed
  32. nystagmus
    jerking of the eye
  33. presbyopia
    impaired vision via aging
  34. enucleation
    surgical removal of eyeball
  35. phacoemulsification
    aspiration of fluid from lens to remove cataracts
  36. radial keratotomy
  37. astigmatism
    defective curvature of cornea or lens
  38. otitis externa
    swimmers ear
  39. ot/o
  40. aur/i
  41. tympanic membrane
    middle ear
  42. myringitis
    inflammation of tympanic membrane
  43. ottis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  44. eustachian tube
    connects middle ear to the pharynx
  45. ossicles
    bones in the middle ear that carry sound vibrations
  46. malleus
    hammer bone
  47. incus
    anvil bone
  48. stapes
    stirrup bone
  49. labyrinth
    inner ear
  50. cochlea
    snail shaped contains the organ of hearing
  51. semicircular canals
    contains sensors for balance
  52. menieres disease
    chronic disease of inner ear
  53. tinnitus
    ringing in the ears
  54. vertigo
    sense of revolving
  55. otopyorrhea
    discharge of pus from ear
  56. acoustic neuroma
    benign tumor of inner auditory canal
  57. ceruminoma
    tumor of wax
  58. presbycusis
    old age ears
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