southeast asia

  1. what is animism?
    the belief that spirits live in the natural world
  2. how did animism shape southeast asian life?
    it blended with religious beliefs that were brought to southeast asia
  3. what is the world religion that influences southeast asia?
  4. what parts of hinduism did they accept and what parts did they reject in southeast asia?
    they believed in reincarnation, but rejected the caste system
  5. where in southeast asia can hindusim be found today?
    bali and malaysia
  6. what religion had a greater impact on southeast asia than hinduism?
  7. what are the 2 schools of buddhism?
    • theravada buddhism
    • mahayana buddhism
  8. where is theravada buddhism practiced?
    myanmar, thailand, laos and cambodia
  9. where is mahayana buddhism practiced?
  10. what regions did islam help shape in southeast asia?
    malaysia, indonesia, sumatra, and borneo
  11. where is the largest muslim population in the world?
  12. what regions did christianity help shape in southeast asia?
  13. describe 2 ways that farmers in southeast asia grow rice?
    • farmers in lowlands grow wet rice by planting seeds in water soaked paddies
    • farmers in drier high land areas plant dry rice by using slash and burn
  14. describe the rights of women in southeast asia, both in the traditional sense and also today
    • in vietname, traditional beliefs repsected woman and gave nearly equal rights to men and women.
    • China viewed woman as inferior
    • Today, women in southeast asia enjoy many nights that other asian women have traditionally lacked
  15. how did buddhism influence schools in southeast asia?
    boys learn to read and write at buddhist temples
  16. how does islam influence schools in southeast asia?
    many children attend schools run by muslim teachers
  17. During the 1800's, the french carved out an empire in what countries that comprise french indochina?
    vietnam, cambodia, laos
  18. how were missionaries viewed?
    as a threat to the emperor's authority
  19. what did the french do in retaliation?
    french forces invaded vietnam
  20. what was the end result?
    • the french prevailed
    • france made vietnam part of its empire
  21. to ensure that not european power would dominate thailand, king mongkut did what?
    made treaties with several european nations, like the british and french
  22. why was the phillippines considered a cultural crossroad?
    chinese, japanese, malays, arabs and indians all traded there
  23. what is ecomienda?
    a right to demand taxes or labor from the people living on the land, according to the spanish
  24. what is the purpose of the ecomienda system?
    it's supposed to protect filipinos and provide for teaching them christianity
  25. did ecomienda work in the phillippines?
    • no, because most took advantage of the filipinos and failed to provide religious instruction
    • the spanish eventually abandoned the ecomienda system
  26. what happened in 1898 and what was the result?
    the US declared was on spain because of the phillippines
  27. What did the US promise in 1934?
    they promised the phillippines independence within 10 years
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