PTG 105- Exam 3- Lecture 19 - 1

  1. What are milk lines?
    mammary ridges or paired ectodermal theckenings that devlop in the 4th week of gestation
  2. What germ layer do milk lines develop from?
  3. Milk lines disappear, except for at one spot, which is called:
    fourth intercostal space
  4. What is the it called when the mammary ridges begin to proliferate?
    The primary mammary bud
  5. What is the primary mammary bud?
    The tissue when the mammary ridges begin to proliferate
  6. What happens to primary bud of the mammary ridges after formation?
    They yeild secondary buds that eventually develop into mammary lobules and then adult breasts
  7. The adult breasts form from what?
    Primary mammary ridges
  8. At birth how many lobes of glandular tissue are present in the breast?
    15-20 lobes
  9. What does each glandular lobe of the breat contain at birth?
    Lactiferous duct
  10. In males what leads to involution of the mammary glands?
  11. What are the five components of the breast tissue?
    • Supportive ligaments
    • Ampula
    • Lactiferous ducts
    • Gland lobules
    • Fat
  12. A lobe of the breast is made up of what compoenents?
    • muliple acini glands connected to ducts
    • Ducts are connected to an ampule
    • the ampule leades to the nipple
  13. What part of the breast carries milk to the nipple?
    The ampule
  14. The ducts carry milk from where to where?
    The acini to the ampule
  15. A lobule is:
    multiple acini glands
  16. Breast tissue is ________ until puberty.
  17. What happens to breast tissue at puberty?
    • Rapid growth
    • Deposition of fat
    • elongation of the ductual system
  18. When is breast development finished?
    By age 20
  19. What causes rapid growth, ductal elongation, and fat deposition during puberty?
    • Estrogens
    • Progesterone
    • Prolactone
    • GH
  20. When do breast develop function al maturity?
    During pregnacny
  21. What is functional maturity of the breast?
    lobules aquire secretory function
  22. What causes functional maturity to occur in the breasts?
    • Progesterone
    • Estrogens
    • Prolactin
    • Placental lactogen
  23. Mastitis is defined as:
    Inflammation of the breast
  24. What is inflammation of the breast
  25. What are Benign neoplasms of the breast?
    • Fibroadenoma
    • Papilloma
  26. Fibroadenom and papilloma have what in common?
    They are both benign
  27. What are the type of Malignant neoplasms of the breast?
    • Lobular carcinoma
    • Ductual carcinoma
  28. What are the two main type sof breast cancer?
    • Lobular carcinoma
    • Ductual carcinoma
  29. What are the clinical presentations of breast disease?
    • Pain
    • Palpable mass
    • Nipple discharge
    • Mammographic abnormality
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PTG 105- Exam 3- Lecture 19 - 1
PTG 105- Exam 3- Lecture 19 - 1