med chem III test III quiz pack 3

  1. inhibition of peripheral decarboxylase which prevents peripheral dopamine formation
  2. alzheimer's centrally acting cholinesterase inhibitor transdermal product with no known CYP drug interactions
    rivastigmine - exelon
  3. used in psychotic disorders that do not respond-monitor for agranulocytosis - limited dispensing 1 week
    clozapine - clozaril
  4. allosteric coupled ot the benzodiazepine receptor agonist used for treatment of insomnia - apppears safe for long term use with no loss of efficiency
    eszopiclone - lunesta
  5. direct dopamine agonist used in parkinson's & restless leg syndrome
    ropinirole HCl - requip
  6. longest half-life benzodiazepine sedative hypnotic - useful if next day anxiety - use caution to avoid accumulaton
    quazepam - doral
  7. best tolerated anti-cholinergic agent for mild parkinson's in the elderly where levodop/carbidop are not yet indicated
    diphenhydramine HCl - benadryl
  8. adjunct parkinson's agent which is a selective and reversible inhibitor of COMT
    tolcapone - tasmar
  9. reversible depletion of CNS neurotransmitters - treatment of Huntingtons's disease
    tetrabenazine - xenazine
  10. sedation of ICU patients that are intubated and mechanically bentilated
    dexmedetomidine - precedex
  11. direct ergot based dopamine receptor agonist used in parkinson's
    bromocriptine mesylate - parlodel
  12. subcutaneous agent useful in preventing ed-of-dose wearing off syndrome in parkinson's treatment; large doses can induce emesis
    apomorphine - apokyn
  13. alzheimer's centrally acting cholinesterase inhibitor metabolized by CYP3A4/2D6
    donepezil HCl - aricept
  14. prodrug of dopamine used in treatment of parkinson's disease
  15. phenothiazine neuroleptic assoc, with cardiotoxicity
    thioridazine - mellaril
  16. melatonin receptor agonist indicated for long term use in treatment of insomnia
    ramelteon - rozarem
  17. second generation neuroleptic agent for schizophrenia- antagonism of dopamine and serotonin receptors - can cause QT prolongation
    paliperidone - invega
  18. CNS irreversible MAO-B suicide substrate used as an adjunct agent in parkinson's treatment
    rasagiline - azilect
  19. very potent agent used in psychosis, drug of choice for tourette's syndrome, PCP overdosage - severe extrapyramidal effects. "vitamin H" common nickname
  20. shortest half-life benzodiazepine use as a sedative hypnotic
    triazolam - halcion
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med chem III test III quiz pack 3
med chem III test III quiz pack 3