Bio Midterm

  1. What would a human karyotype from a somatic(body) cell look like?
    23 Pairs of chromosomes, arranged by size
  2. How is sex determined in humans?
    • X and Y Chromosomes
    • XX- female
    • XY- male
  3. Describe Albinism and how it is inherited.
    • Recessive Chromosome ___
    • when melanocytes don't produce mealnin (found in skin and eyes)
  4. Describe Cystic Fibrosis and how it is inherited.
    • Mutation of Chromosome 7
    • Build up of mucus in passageways of body, missing CFTR protein
  5. Describe Huntington's Disease and how it is inherited.
    • Chromosome 4- autosomal dominant
    • Neutrons in brain turn to mush
  6. Describe Sickle Cell Anemia and how it is inherited.
    • Chromosome 11- autosomal recessive
    • organ damange due to impaired blood flow (sickeled shape blood cells)
  7. Describe Down Syndrome and how it is inherited.
    • Nondisjunction of Chromosome 21
    • causes mental retardation, developmental delays, small head, protruding tongue
  8. Describe Klinefelter' Syndrome and how it is inherited.
    • XXY syndrome
    • Males have one more X chromosome due to nondisjunction
    • causes more feminine features, infertility
  9. Describe Turner's Syndrome and how it is inherited.
    • Random even in reproduction
    • women missing all part of X chromosome
    • don't go through puberty, very short
  10. What does "carrier" mean?
    someone has one copy of the recessive allele
  11. Name three sex-linked traits in humans.
    • Hemophilia: x-linked recessive
    • Color Blind: x-linked recessive
    • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: x-linked recessive
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