The West 3

  1. What were the 2 railroad companies that worked to build the transcontinental railroad?
    • 1. Union Pacific
    • 2. Central Pacific
  2. What were the 2 main ethnic groups of workers who were hired to work for the railroads?
    Irish and Chinese
  3. In what cities and states did the Transcontinental Railroad building begin?
    • 1. Omaha, Nebraska
    • 2. Sacramento, California
  4. Name a famous buffalo hunter:
    William Cody
  5. What was the name of the massacre led by John Chivington on unsuspecting Cheyenne led by Black Kettle?
    Sand Creek Massacre
  6. Who was the 1896 presidential candidate for the Populist Party?
    William Jennings Bryan
  7. Who was the Civil War Veteran that was defeated by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse?
    George Custer
  8. What led to many Native American children being sent to White boarding schools?
    Dawes Act
  9. What political party appealed to the "Common People"?
  10. Who created restaurants on the railroad line, hiring "girls" to serve as waitresses?
    Fred Harvey
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