Exam 4

  1. Three types of utility that marketing creates
  2. Four eras in the evolution of the Marketing Concept
  3. Five types of non-traditional marketing
  4. Definition of the marketing mix - combination of the firm's product, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies focused on selected consumer segments
  5. Characteristics used in demographic segmentation in consumer markets
  6. Personal determinants in the consumer behavior process
  7. Definition of marketing
  8. First step in developing a marketing strategy
  9. Distribution channels definition
  10. Two types of marketing intermediaries
  11. Three types of distribution intensity
  12. Supply chain definition
  13. Physical distribution definition
  14. Elements in the physical distribution process
  15. Definition of a trademark
  16. Two types of major distribution channels - direct and thru marketing intermediaries
  17. Elements included in integrated marketing communications
  18. Definition of personal selling
  19. Definition of non-personal selling
  20. Definition of product placement
  21. Definition of specialty advertising
  22. Definition of prospecting
  23. Definition of "closing" in personal selling
  24. Definition of public relations
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Exam 4