feagai exam 3 GI

  1. if a kid is vomiting. have stomach aches, stool changes, what system might be wrong?
  2. what is hisrchprung's disease?
    chronic constipation, ribbon like shit.
  3. what is the baby has a failure to pass meconium stool?
    hischprung disease
  4. what can you do for a baby that didn't pass merconium yet?
    barium enema.
  5. what can you do for a person that has hypertrophic pyloric stenosis?
    laparoscopic pylorotomy
  6. what is intussusception and what does it look like?
    where intestine invaginates into another area. abrupt abd. pain and jelly shit.
  7. what is the most common peds liver disease? what does it look like? what can you do to fix it?
    biliary atresia. the tubes that carry bile is blocked so bile accumulates. jaundice. dark urine.

    liver transplant.
  8. what is celiac disease?
    gluten intolerance!
  9. what can a celiac disease (gluten-intolorance) person eat?
    • high calories and proteins
    • simple carbs
    • low fat
    • high fiber
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feagai exam 3 GI
feagai exam 3 GI