The West 1

  1. Most gold in Colorado was found in deep underground streaks called what?
  2. What were the people in boomtowns who dealt out their own brand of justice, without benefit of judge or jury, called?
  3. When mining "booms" were followed by "busts," boomtowns turned into what?
    Ghost towns
  4. What railroad connected the Atlantic coast with the Pacific coast?
    Transcontinental railroad
  5. What were the Homesteaders called who charged across the Oklahoma border on April 22, 1889 after guns were fired?
  6. What did the Indian Peace Commission recommend for the Native Americans?
    That they be moved to reservations.
  7. Texas ranches that were not fenced in or divided into lots were:
    Open range ranches
  8. What proposed to break up the reservations and encouraged Native Americans to become farmers?
    Dawes Act
  9. The last Native American to surrender formally to the United States was:
  10. What dance did Wovoka, a prophet, give to the Sioux to help them regain their former greatness?
    Ghost Dance
  11. The Populist Party wanted to replace the country's gold-based currency system with a system based on:
    free silver
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