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  1. Communication unfolds over time through a series of interconnected actions carried out by participants. This statement best describes which of the following features of communication?

    E) process
  2. Which of the following does NOT describe a communication channel?

    D) sensory
  3. The field of communication research that examines how people use words to compel audiences to change or solidify their beliefs is best described by which of the following terms?

    C) speech and rhetorical studies
  4. Which of the following describes communication involving only one person, such as talking out loud to oneself or having a mental �conversation� in one�s head?

    B) intrapersonal communication
  5. Which model of communication best characterizes text-messaging, e-mail, and spam?

    E) linear
  6. Which model of communication includes the active role receivers play in constructing meaning during a communication event?

    D) transactional
  7. If we perceive a relationship with another as I-Thou, according to Buber we are

    E) treating the other as a unique individual.
  8. Which of the following terms is NOT characteristic of interpersonal communication?

    E) segmented
  9. To impress a blind date, Wen brings flowers and gives many compliments in order to seem likable and thoughtful. Which interpersonal goal is Wen trying to achieve?

    D) self-presentation
  10. Terri says to Jorge, �I�m glad we can be so open with each other.� This is an example of which of the following?

    C) metacommunication
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