Arts Test: Cave Art Review

  1. Who is Maria de Sautuola?
    1879 discovered cave
  2. Define Paleolithic
    Paleolithic: old stone age
  3. Define Neolithic
    Neolithic: new stoneage
  4. What is the significance of the Cave of Peshmerl?
    • theory that art/religion emerged via
    • hallucination, brain chemistry
  5. Define Reductive Materialism
    nature reduces to matter
  6. Define Naturalism
    Nature is all there is, no supernature
  7. Lascaux, france: hall of bulls
    1st narrative description hunting scene
  8. Who is the Venice of Wellendorf?
    fertility goddess
  9. What is Stonehenge?
    • solar calendar
    • one of largestmonolithic structures in british isles
    • propogandic tool
  10. What does Mesopotamia mean?
    land between the rivers
  11. What is cuneiform?
    early form of writing of wedge shaped forms in mud tablets
  12. Epic of Gilgamesh
    Adventures of king Uruk
  13. City of Uruk
    Capitol city
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Arts Test: Cave Art Review
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