Lab Final - Lip Balms and Troches

  1. beyond use date for non-aqueous liquids and solid formulations
    no later than 25% of the time remaining till products expiration


    6 months (whichever comes first)
  2. Beyond use date for water containing oral preparations
    no later than 14 days (stored at cold temps)
  3. beyond use date for topical/dermal/mucosal formulations
    no later than intended duration of therapy


    30 days (whichever comes first)
  4. Class A/Class III balances are used for what weights?
    loads of 120 mg - 120 g
  5. Class B balances are used for what weights?
    648 mg
  6. what is the minimum weighable quantity (LWQ) for Class A balances?
    120 mg
  7. an electronic balance can weigh between what range?
    0.001 mg to 5 kg
  8. medications and ingredients that have been incorporated into sticks include:
    • local anesthetics
    • sunscreens
    • oncology drugs
    • antivirals
    • antibiotics
  9. what are cold sores/fever blisters caused by?
    herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)
  10. what does HSV do?
    • invades cells in the epidermis (outer layer of skin)
    • causes fluid-filled blisters around mouth or on lips
  11. relationship between HSV and age?
    infection increases with age
  12. MOA of trigger factors for HSV
  13. types of lip balm bases
    • melting bases (for soft sticks)
    • moistening bases (for hard sticks)
  14. melting bases for lip balm - what do they do and what types are there?
    soften at body temp and spread drug/vehicle over the lip

    • soft opaque
    • soft clear
  15. soft opaque bases for lip balm
    • type of melting base for soft sticks
    • waxes, oils, petrolatum, cocoa butter, PEG
  16. soft clear bases for lip balm
    • type of melting base for soft sticks
    • sodium stearate/glycerine mixes, propylene glycol
  17. moistening bases for lip balm
    • bases for hard sticks
    • crystalline powder fused by heat and held together by binder
    • needs moistening for activation
  18. polyethylene glycol description
    non-toxic odorless, neutral, luricating, nonvolatile, and nonirritating
  19. what is polyehtylene glycol used as?
    • solvent
    • dispensing agent
    • ointment
    • suppository bases
    • vehicle
    • tablet excipient
  20. what does PEG in combo with a number mean?
    average molecular weights
  21. PEG's solubility?
    • water soluble
    • soluble in many organic solvents including aromatic hydrocarbons, but not aliphatics
  22. Image Upload 1
  23. shelf life of lip balm?
    6 months
  24. store lip balm at what temp?
  25. What is a troche?
    • a compressed lozenge
    • designed to dissolve or disentegrate slowly in the mouth
  26. the choice of a troche is limited by what?
    • flavor, dose, chemical incompatability
    • i.e. benzocaine is incompatible with the candy base
  27. the base of a hard lozenge vs. a soft lozenge
    • hard: solid syrup of sugar with adhesive
    • soft: PEG base with soft texture (usually transparent)
  28. Drug release of hard vs. soft lozenge
    • hard: slow, uniform dissolution w/o disintegration
    • soft: can be chewed or dissolved in mouth
  29. the effect of hard vs. soft lozenges
    • hard: local demulcent effect as some excipient are released slowly; spreads uniformly over mucosal surface
    • soft:¬†chewable lozenge has a glycerinated gelatin base (delivers drug to the GIT)
  30. temperature requirements of hard vs soft lozenge
    • hard: needs high temps - not good for thermolabile drug
    • soft: doesn't need high temps
  31. xerostomia; what is it and what causes it
    • dry mouth
    • aging, systemic disease, radiation therapy or medication
  32. how to calibrate a troche mold
    • 1. make sure mold is clean and dry
    • 2. melt enough base to fill the cavities
    • 3. pour into the mold, cool and dry
    • 4. remove lozenges and weigh, dividing the total weight by the number of lozenges
    • 5. gives the average weight of lozenge for that base in the mold
  33. special consideration of troches with a PEG base
    hygroscopic - might soften when exposed to inc temps
  34. stability of a troche
    6 months
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