Kasie is the best gf in the world

  1. Who is the best girlfriend in the world?
  2. What are the characteristics of a fully conscious patient?
    • -awake
    • -alert
    • -oriented
    • -interacts with environment.
  3. A confused patient lacks what?
    Lacks ability to think clearly and rapidly.
  4. A characteristic of a disoriented patient is?
    Lacks ability to recognize place or person
  5. A characteristic of a lethargic patient is?
    Awakens easily but exhibits limited responsiveness
  6. An obtunded patient will..?
    • -sleep unless aroused
    • -once aroused, has limited interaction with environment
  7. If a patient is considered stupor, what do they require?
    requires considerable stimulation
  8. A coma patient is characterized by what?
    Vigorous stimulation produces no motor or verbal response.
  9. A patient is showing early symptoms of lead poisoning, what are the symptoms?
    • head symptoms
    • -Fatigue
    • -Headaches
    • -Irritability
    • -Metallic Taste

    • Stomach symptoms
    • -Uneasy Stomach
    • -Poor Appetite
    • -Weight Loss
    • -Reproductive Problems
  10. A patient is showing later symptoms of lead poisoning what are they?
    • head symptoms
    • -memory problems
    • -nausea

    • Stomach symptoms
    • -Kidney problems
    • -Weight Loss
    • -Constipation

    • Joint symptoms
    • -Weak wrists or ankles
  11. A child is diagnosed with lead poisoning, what are the symptoms?
    • -anemia
    • -Hyper irritability; aggressive behavior
    • -Decreased appetite and energy
    • -Poor sleep; HAs; Constipation
    • -Loss of recently acquired developmental skills (in young children)
    • -abdominal cramping
  12. Define Bone Marrow.
    Hematopoiesis (red blood cell production) occurs in the bone marrow during the first 5 years of life.  Beyond 5 years of age, most red blood cells are produced in the marrow of the ribs, sternum, vertebrae, pelvis, skill, and clavicles
  13. Define Erythrocytes
    Biconcave, anuclear disks that transport oxygen and carbon dioxide
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