Islam Lecture Guide

  1. Bedouins
    • Polytheistic
    • Nomadic Desert people
    • traditional economy
  2. Khadiji
    Muhammad's Wealthy Merchant wife
  3. Angel Gabriel
    Mohammad had a vison that god spoke to him through the angel Gabriel and told him her was the mesanger of god
  4. Islam
    Means Surrender or submit to god
  5. Hijra
    • Muhammad flees from mecca to Medina
    • Retreat from mecca
  6. Five Pillars of Islam
    • Testament of faith
    • offer five daily prayers towards Mecca
    • Pay alms
    • Ramadan
    • Haji
  7. Testament of faith
    Declaring that there is on god but Allah and Muhammad is his messanger
  8. When do you Offer 5 daily prayers towards mecca
    • Dawn
    • Noon
    • After Sunset
    • Night
  9. Ramadan
    • holiest month of the year
    • fast during daylight hours
  10. Haji
    • pilgrimage to mecca
    • once in lifetime
    • for those physically and financially able
  11. Koran
    • Holy book
    • written in Arabic 
    • gods words from Muhammad
  12. Mosque
    place of worship
  13. Allah
  14. Imam
    • Islamic clergy
    • scholar of the holy book
  15. Jihad
    holy war
  16. what are the two types of Jihad
    • Traditional/ classic- war with ones self (99%)
    • Extreme- war with all non-Muslims (1%)
  17. Divisions of islam
    • Shia
    • Sunni
  18. Shia
    Blood relatives should be Muhammad's successor (15%)
  19. Sunni
    any devout follower can be Muhammad's successor (85%)
  20. Sa'y
    the hurried walking between twp poles near the kaaba
  21. Tawaf
    • circling the kaaba 7 times
    • symbolizes Muhammad's return to Mecca
  22. Ihram (2 answers)
    • Robes men wear during Hajj-plain and simple and equal in eyes of god
    • state of mind- courteous, respectful and pure
  23. Muzdalifa
    collecting of stones to drive away satan
  24. stoning of satan
    • symbolizes Abraham's battle with Satan
    • throw stones at three different pillers
  25. Feast of sacrifice
    sacrificial offerings Muslims give
  26. Mt Arafat
    • believed to be location of Muhammad's final sermon
    • Muslims spend a night alone to be one with Allah
  27. Paying alms
    Obligatory Charity payed once a year to poor and needy
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