1. What is a stereoisomer?
    Stereoisomers have identical molecular formulae and the atoms are bonded together in the same order but the arrangement of the atoms in space is different, making them non-superimposable
  2. What are the two types of stereoisomerism?
    Geometric and Optical isomerism
  3. What is geometric isomerism?
    Geometric isomerism is one type of stereoisomerism and can arise due to the lack of free rotation around a bond, frequently a carbon-carbon double bond
  4. Geometric isomers can be labelled either as...?
    cis or trans isomers
  5. What is the difference between a cis and a trans isomer?
    A cis isomer has the functional groups on the same side whereas a trans isomer has the functional groups on the opposite sides
  6. Is this a cis or trans isomer?

    Image Upload 1
  7. Is this a cis or a trans isomer?
    Image Upload 2
  8. What is an optical isomer?
    Optical isomers are non-superimposable mirror images of each other and are said to be chiral
  9. What does 'chiral' mean?
    When the carbon atom has four different groups arranged around it
  10. What is another word for optical isomers?
  11. Optical isomers have identical physical and chemical properties but they have an opposite effect on ________ ___________ ________ and are said to be optically active?
    plane polarised light
  12. Mixtures containing equal amounts of both optical isomers are optically inactive.  These mixtures are called...?
    racemic mixtures
  13. How many types of optical isomers of each organic compound is usually present in a biological system?
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