PTG 105-Exam 3-Lecture 17- 7

  1. How long after inoculation do the symptoms of Chancroid develop?
    4-7 days
  2. What symptoms does Chancroid have?
    Painful ulcers on the regional lymph nodes and external genitalia
  3. How is Chancroid detected?
    Organism cultured from the ulcer
  4. How is Chancroid treated?
  5. The incidence of herpes is increasing or decreasing?
  6. What percent of US adults have symptomatic genital herpes?
  7. Most cases of herpes are caused by what herpes strain?
  8. What percent of herpes infections are caused by HS1?
  9. What symptoms of herpes are found in males?
    Painful vesicular lesions
  10. Herpes is treated with what?
  11. What does the histology of herpes virus show?
    Vial inclusions called “cowdy type A”
  12. Histologically, if you see cowdy type A viral inclusions, what disease is suspected?
  13. Herpes is or is not a localized infection?
    Is a localized infection
  14. What group may herpes be life threatening to?
    Immunocomprimised patients (HIV) as it can become disseminated
  15. What group of patients may herpes become disseminated in?
    • Immunocomprimised (HIV)
    • Why is herpes life threatening in HIV and immunocomprimised patients?
    • Because it can disseminate
  16. What kind of histological technique would be used to visualize viral inclusions?
    Tzank smear
  17. A Tzank smear is used to visualize what?
    Viral inclusions of herpes virus
  18. Where does herpes virus lay dormant at?
    Ganglion cells
  19. The ganglion cells can harbor what STD?
  20. How does herpes enter the body?
    Through the skin or mucus membranes
  21. After entering the body, herpes simplex travels where?
    To the nerves next to the spine
  22. How does herpes spread to others after the initial infection?
    • It travels up the nerves to the skin and asymptomatically sheds
    • Or through blister formation (via the same route)
  23. What causes veneral warts?
  24. What is Condyloma accuminata?
    Veneral warts
  25. What is another term for beneral warts?
    Condyloma accuminata
  26. Which HPV strains are common causative agents?
    6 and 11
  27. How is HPV treated?
    • Surgical removal
    • Laser treatment
  28. Which STD is treated with surgical removal or laser treatment?
    HPV – veneral warts
  29. What is Koilocytosis?
    • It is a change in the epithelial cells of veneral warts caused by HPV
    • What is the change in epithelial cells of warts caused by HPV termed?
    • Koilocytosis
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PTG 105-Exam 3-Lecture 17- 7
PTG 105-Exam 3-Lecture 17- 7