Medical Billing

  1. These carry blood to the heart:

    D. veins
  2. Relaxation phase of heartbeat:
    a. diastole
    b. systole
    a. diastole
  3. Nature's pacemaker is this node:

    B. sinoatrial
  4. Node located on interatrial septum:

    B. atrioventricular
  5. Which of following is NOT one of the thress layers of chamber walls of the heart?

    C. parietal
  6. Septum that divides upper two chambers of heart:

    B. interatrial
  7. Valve between right atrium and right ventricle:

    A. tricuspid
  8. Outer two-layer covering of heart:

    D. pericardium
  9. These are chambers that receive blood:

    D. right & left aria
  10. This combining form means plaque:

    A. ather/o
  11. This combining form means vessel:

    A. angi/o
  12. This prefix means slow?
  13. This prefix means fast?
  14. This suffix means hardening?
  15. This suffix means blockage or narrowing?
  16. This suffix means separation?
  17. This suffix means tumor?
  18. This suffix means enlargement?
  19. Lesion of caroid artery may lead to:

    D. stroke
  20. This blood pressure is hypertension:

    C. 140/90
  21. Infective endocarditis is inflammation of the interior of the lining of the heart and when caused by streptococci or staphylococci, the infection is:

    C. bacterial
  22. Angina pectoris is:

    A. chest pain
  23. In this type of regurgitation there is a backflow od blood from left ventricle into left atrium:

    C. mitral
  24. In this type of heart wall disorder, fibrous lesions form and encase heart:

    C. constrictive pericarditis
  25. Which of the following terms means "of unknown cause"?

    B. idiopathic
  26. This condition is also known as congestive cardiomyopathy:

    A. dilated
  27. This peripheral arterial disease most ofen occurs in young men who are heavy smokers:

    D. Buerger's
  28. This cardiomyopathy results in a thickened interventricular septum:

    A. hypertrophic
  29. This cardiomyopathy results in a stiffened myocardium:

    D. restrictive
  30. Long term effect of Rheumatic Fever:

    D. mitral valve disease
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