Constitution Test 7

  1. Three branches of federal government
    executive, legislative, judicial
  2. impeachment powers located in what branch
  3. how does executive branch check legislative branch?
    veto laws and make foreign treaties
  4. definition of federalism
    the sharing of power between the federal, state, and local governmet
  5. stars on the flag stand for what
    50 states
  6. rules of flag
    • 1. the flag should be flown only from sunrise to sunset
    • 2. the flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously
    • 3. when displayed against the wall, the union should be on top and to the flag's own right, your left
    • 4. the flag may be used to cover a casket, but should not be lowered into the ground
    • 5. in a procession, the flag should always be in front
    • 6. when shown with flags of states or other groups, the flag should be in the center and highest
    • 7. when shown with flags of other nations, the American flag should not be flown higher than others
    • 8. the flag should never be used as a cover
    • 9. the flag should be displayed daily and especially on national holidays
    • 10. the exact likeness of the falg should never be used for advertising
    • 11. nothing should be attacked to the flag
    • 12. the flag should never be allowed to touch the ground or floor, not be used as a carrying device, nor brush against any objects, nor be used as drapery of any sort
    • 13. worn flags should be burned and not thrown in the trash
    • 14. on a speaker's platform, the flag should be displaye at the right if it is on a staff or on the wall behin the speaker if is flat
    • 15. flags flown from fixed staffs are placed at half staff to indicate morning. the flag so used should be first raised to the peak and then lowered to half staff; it is again raised to the peak before lowering
  7. number of states needed to approve an amendment
  8. amendment process located in which article
    article 5
  9. first catholic to become president
    john f. kennedy
  10. number of methods for proposing amendments to the constitution
    2 methods
  11. number of ways to ratify amendments
    2 ways
  12. ways that the senate and the house check one another
    rejecting bills and the house has power to start revenue bills
  13. where to revenue bills begin
  14. name for specific power for the federal government
    national affairs
  15. describe the reason for the different colors on the flag (list)
    • red- courage
    • blue- loyalty
    • white- liberty
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