Toxo Q2, IV

  1. what is another oxalate besides greasewood that causes hypocalcemia in sheep?
    halogetan (refractory to tx with calcium)
  2. what family does greasewood and halogetan belong to?
  3. A cow in Canada presented with GIT signs and has mustard odor to his carcase at necropsy. what plant toxin has he ingested? what family does it belong to?
    charlock of the Cruciferae family
  4. what part of the charlock plant is most toxic and what is toxic principle?
    seeds - sinigrin (volatile oil in seeds)
  5. White cow grazing in the sun has edema of the face and parts of his skin are sloughing. On necropsy his liver remains undamaged. What is the plant he ingested? what family does it belong to?
    St. John'swort of Clusiaceae family
  6. what is toxic principle of st. john'swort?
  7. Cows ingested sweet potatoes that were moldy. What clinical signs do you expect to see?
    mycotoxins will cause acute bovine pulmonary emphysema
  8. what family do sweet potatoes belong to?
  9. what causes "shrinking disease" (or "Krimpsiekte") in sheep and goats which resembles botulism?
    cotyledon spp. of the crassulaceae family
  10. are cotyledon species fatal?
    • yes, death within 7 days
    • twisted necks even if survive
  11. what species is mainly affected by bracken fern? is this acute or chronic toxicity? what family?
    • cattle mainly
    • cumulative
    • Dennstaedtiaceae family
  12. What is "bracken staggers"? who gets it and how do you treat it?
    • horses - CNS signs due to thiaminase toxicity/thiamine deficiency
    • tx: thiamine
  13. what form of bracken fern is associated with adult v. young cows?
    • adults: Enteric form = "radiomimetic" - BM suppression
    • young: laryngitic - roarers from dysphagia
  14. what is the chronic form of bracken fern?
    • enzootic hematuria/red water (common)
    • also associated with Bright Blindness (retinal degeneration), and bladder neoplasia
  15. what plants belong to the ericaceae family?
    • rhododendron, great and true laurels
    • azaleas, fetterbushes
  16. what is toxic principle of rhododendrons and laurels?
    acetylandromedol (aka grayanotoxin)
  17. what signs are associated with rhododendron toxicity?
    • vomiting in ruminants but NO diarrhea
    • bellowing, colic
    • terminal convulsions
  18. what family does castor-oil plant, bull nettle (spurge), and tung oil tree belong to?
  19. which plants in euphorbiaceae family cause keratitis?
    tung-oil tree and poinsettia
  20. which euphorbiaceae plant causes poultry to go off lay and have discolored wattles? what is the toxic principle of this plant?
    • castor oil plant
    • ricin (phytotoxin/lectin)
  21. which euphorbiaceae plant causes violent heart beat and purgation?
    castor oil plant
  22. which euphorbiaceae plant causes HGE, emaciation, and rumenal atony started 3-7 days post ingestions (latent onset)?
    tung oil tree
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Toxo Q2, IV
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