success ch.2

  1. Values
    Principles or qulitites that you consider important.
  2. Cultural Competence
    The ability to understand and appreciate differences and to respond to people of all cultures in a way that values their beliefs and practices, and builds communication and relationships.
  3. Goal
    An end toward which effrt is directed; an aim or intention.
  4. Prioritize
    To arrange or deal with in order of importance.
  5. Major/Concentration
    An academic subject area chosen as a field of specialization, requiring a specific course of study.
  6. Curriculum
    The particular set of courses required for a degree.
  7. Procrastination
    The act of putting off a task until another time.
  8. Stress
    Physical or mental strain or tension produced in reaction to pressure.
  9. Perfectionism
    An outstanding performance means an outstanding person; a mediocre preformance means a mediocre person.
  10. Paseo
    A walk outside in the town, to be seen and to socialize.
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