Chap. 11 quiz

  1. T or F
    Gender differences refer to biological characteristics, while sex differences refer to psychological and social factors.
  2. T or F
    People who are androgynous tend to be more satisfied with their lives.
  3. T or F
    Child molesters are often a relative,friend,or acquaintance of the victims family.
  4. T or F
    For at least the first six months after becoming infected,a person can test negative while carrying HIV.
  5. T or F
    Masturbation represents immaturity and low self esteem and can cause sterility.
  6. T or F
    Ovulation refers to the release of ova from the ovaries.
  7. T or F
    Concerning genetic sex, females have XY chromosomes, while males have XX chromosomes.
  8. T or F
    Gender role is the process of learning gender behaviors regarded as appropriate for one's sex in a given culture.
  9. T or F
    Sexual sadism involves desiring pain as part of the sexual act, while sexual masochism involves deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting pain.
  10. T or F
    Sensate focus is a form of therapy used to treat arousal disorders.
  11. T or F
    Most sexual deviant behaviors are compulsive.
  12. T or F
    A paraphilia can BEST be described as within the normal range of sexual behavior.
  13. Worldwide, the main source of HIV infection is
    heterosexual sex
  14. Before birth, a genetic male will develop as a female if which condition exists?
    an androgen insensitivity
  15. The squeeze technique is typically used to treat
    premature ejaculation
  16. In females, broadening of the hips and breast development are
    secondary sexual characteristics
  17. Declines in the differences in male and female scores on the SAT call into question which concept?
    the biological biasing effect
  18. Which of the following diseases is currently untreatable?
    • gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • syphilis
    • *hepatitis B
  19. Regarding sexual response it can be said that
    orgasm and resolution tend to last longer in women
  20. The first two phases of the sexual response cycle are
    excitement and arousal
  21. The psychological and social aspects of being male or female are known as
  22. The predominance of androgens or estrogens is called
    hormonal sex
  23. The favored pattern of behavior expected of each sex is
    gender role
  24. Androgyny refers to having
    both feminine and masculine personality traits
  25. The "peeping tom" paraphilia is called
  26. Male infidelity being historically seen as more acceptable than female infidelity is an example of
    a double standard
  27. Which statement about pedophiles is false?
    most assaults happen outside the home
  28. If you have a sexually transmitted disease but are not experiencing symptoms,
    you can still give it to another person
  29. Our sexual behavior is guided by unspoken mental plans called
    sexual scripts
  30. pedophilia
    involves sexual arousal from having sex with children
  31. Exhibitionism
    displaying one's genitals to non willing persons
  32. Voyeurism
    secretly viewing the genitals of others for sexual pleasure
  33. frotteurism
    sexually touching or rubbing against a non consenting person
  34. Transvestic Fetishism
    sexual arousal for wearing clothes of the opposite sex
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