A&P for Ch10,11,12,13

  1. What are the 3 major parts of the URT?
    • Nose
    • Sinus cavities¬†
    • Pharynx
  2. What are the 4 major components of the LRT?
    • Larynx
    • Trachea
    • Bronchi
    • Lungs
  3. ___ ___ involves the entrapment of microbes & particulate matter larger than 2 microns in a layer of mucus.
    Mucociliary clearance
  4. What is lactoferin?
    An iron building protein that inhibits bacterial growth
  5. Micro biota is defined as what?
    The microbial community found on and in the body
  6. Small, catronic proteins that form holes in bacterial membranes are known as ___.
  7. There is a great amt of microbiota in the ____ but little or none in the ____.
    • URT
    • LRT
  8. What part of the kidney controls filtering and excretion?
  9. The 6 organs of the GI tract are what?
    • Oral cavity
    • Pharynx¬†
    • Esophagus
    • Stomach
    • Small Intestine
    • Large Intestine
  10. The accessory digestive organs include. . . .
    • Salivary Glands
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Pancreas
  11. What are the intestines coated with?
    A layer of mucus
  12. The intestinal epithelium is what type of surface?
    Shedding surface
  13. Glycoproteins secreted on the surface of the gut are called ___.
  14. A mixture of cholesterol, phospholipids, acids and antibodies that are stored in the gallbladder are called ___.
  15. The microbial communities of the intestines on a whole are known as the human intestinal ___.
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