progressive era

  1. a procedure that allows voters to approve or rejected law already proposed or passed by government
  2. allowed voters to propose a new law on the ballot for public approval
  3. a vote to remove an official from office
  4. wrote about poor immigrants in NYC
    - "how the other half lived"
    Jacob Riis
  5. report against standard oil company in McClure's 
    Ida Tarbell 
  6. granted congress the power to levy taxes based on an individual's income
    16th Amendment 
  7. ratified in 1913
    - gave voters rather than state legislatures, power to elect US Senators
    17th amendment 
  8. "rakes" up and exposes the problems of society 
    (government problems and reformers)
  9. - tariff reductions
    - baking reform
    - stronger legislation
    new freedom
  10. reformer and made the Hull House
    Jane Addams 
  11. settlement house in Chicago
    - education and recreation
    Hull House
  12. fought poverty of colored people, poverty and segrregation
    national association or colored people
  13. protective legislation for women workers helped establish NAACP
    Florence Kelley
  14. banned making, selling, distribution of alcoholic beverages
    - reformers though alcohol caused crime, poverty, and violence
  15. temperance and rights for women
    against alcohol
    women's christian temperance union
  16. agent of public good
    theodore roosevelt 
  17. - strict adherent to law
    - trust busting 
    - lower tariffs
    william howard taft
  18. -strong president
    - "New Freedom"
    - federal trade commission
    - keating-owen act
    woodrow wilson
  19. made by Roosevelt, 
    - forbade manufacture, sale, or transportation of food and patent medicine containing harmful ingredients
    Pure Food and Drug Act
  20. prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beveraged
    18th amendment 
  21. an organization founded by Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to obtain women's suffrage 
    National American Women Suffrage Association 
  22. inspection of meat shipped cross state lines
    meat inspection act
  23. created central fund from which banks could borrow to prevent collapse during a financial panic
    federal reserve act
  24. clarified and extended the sherman antitrust act
    - prohibited companies from buying stock of competing companies in order to form a monopoly 
    clayton anti-trust act
  25. - limited power of trusts
    - promoted public health, safety
    - improved work conditions
    - made by roosevelt
    square deal
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