unit 13 review

  1. pneumonitis and pneunomonia
    inflammation of lungs
  2. pharyngocele
    herniation of the pharynx
  3. DPM
    Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  4. mento
    CF: chin
  5. broncho
    CF: bronchi
  6. AD abbreviation
    right ear
  7. pneumomo
    CF: lungs
  8. pharyngoscope
    instrument that examines pharynx
  9. pedi and podo
    CF: foot
  10. dextro
    CF: right
  11. geriatrics
    branch of medicine concerned with aging/problems with elderly
  12. IS abbreviation
    Incentive Spirometer
  13. endotracheal
    within trachea
  14. COPD abbreviation
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  15. pneumothorax
    collection of air in chest cavity
  16. podiatry
    treatment of foot
  17. sinistro
    CF: left
  18. pytalorrhea
    drooling due to excess saliva
  19. pneumoncentesis
    surgical puncturing of a lung to remove fluid
  20. PE abbreviation
    Pulmonary Embolism
  21. PEDS abbreviation
  22. pneumoderma
    collection of air under skin
  23. pneumonotomy
    incision to the lung
  24. NBRC abbreviation
    National Board for Respiratory Care
  25. gerontology
    study of treatment of aging and elderly
  26. orthopnea
    able to breathe only when sitting up/standing
  27. larynalgia
    pain in larynx
  28. pharyngoplasty
    surical repair of phrynx
  29. epistaxis
    bloody nose /nosebleed
  30. phreno
    CF: diaphragm
  31. pleuro
    CF: pleura (membrane around lungs)
  32. CO2 abbreviation
    carbon dioxide
  33. chirospasm
    spasm of hand
  34. ptyalo
    CF: saliva/sputum
  35. apnea
    not breathing
  36. CRT abbreviation
    Certified Respiratory Therapist
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