Policy Questions 4-6-13 Part 2

  1. Can fire personnel conduct a bomb search? 207
    Yes, only at the direction of a Chief officer
  2. The initial report on conditions, has how many items? 208
  3. What are the 9 items that make up the Report on conditions?
    • Address
    • Type of incident
    • Life hazards
    • Exposures
    • Claim it
    • Name it
    • ICP location
    • Objectives
    • Order additional resources
  4. Is a report on conditions necessary for a single engine response? 208
    No, unless assistance is needed or circumstances make it necessary
  5. Which Phonetic Alphabet has the Dept adopted? 208
    The Standard International
  6. Does ECC have the ability to monitor TAC Channels? 208.09
  7. What are the 4 human factors that affect good radio communications? 208.10
    • Organization
    • Discipline
    • Microphone location
    • Voice level
  8. How far from your mouth should the radio mic be? 208.11
    About 1 inch
  9. Who has the legal for search and rescue on the Kern River and canal in the city? 209
    The Fire Department
  10. What is the equipment order of response for structure & Rescue calls? 210
    Engine then truck
  11. If the engine and patrol respond, which vehicle shall the Captain ride in? 210
  12. Who has responsibility for fire control, overhaul and reports? 210
    The company officer who's district is 1st in
  13. When are the 4 times the duty chief will be notified? 211
    • 2nd alarm or > fires
    • Any death due to fire
    • Major rescue calls
    • Large emergencies in the JPA
  14. When may Fire personnel solicit help from the public at fires or other emergencies? 212
  15. Which calls will District maps be used? 213
    All calls
  16. Who is responsible for seeing that all corrections on response maps are made immediately in pencil (until they are permanently made by the person in charge of maps)? 213
    The captain
  17. If we are requested by the owner to make forcible entry into a structure, what should we do? 215
    Request a Police officer, if one is unavailable we must determine without a doubt the owner has a legal right to entry
  18. Is the captain supposed to "Sign off" the MDT when they go out of service? 216
    No, Personnel are not to sign off of the computer
  19. How are personnel required to answer the phone? 223
    City Fire Dept, Station XX, Firefighter XXX
  20. Who may make personal phone calls on the dept telephone system? 223
    Chief Officers
  21. Who is responsible for providing timely newsworthy info on the recorded line? 224
  22. How many times in a shift will the recorded message be updated? 224
    As many times as necessary
  23. Who is/are responsible for the cell phones? 225
    Captains and BC
  24. If possible, the US Flag should be flown from which piece of equipment? 226
    Reserve Truck
  25. What are the 4 color coded files that shall be maintained in each station? 301
    • Yellow (Blank forms)
    • Green (Current Records)
    • Blue (Past Records)
    • Red (operations)
  26. When do current records become past records and how often should they be moved? 301
    After 1 year and moved the 1st of each month
  27. How many days should all communications from management be posted on the bulletin board? 301
    30 days
  28. Where do all Memos go and how long do we keep them? 301
    Memo Binder for 1 year
  29. How often should the dept fuel tanks be checked? 303
  30. Fuel for the fuel tanks will be ordered when the tank is at what level?
    ¼ full
  31. What 2 stations get filled to the top due to high usage? 303
    Station 1 & 9
  32. When fuel is delivered, what 3 thingd must be put on the fuel slip? 303
    • The meter reading
    • Captain?s ID #
    • Captains initials
  33. Where must the captain document the fuel reading the amount of fuel delivered? 303
    In the Station log book
  34. Where are the keys to vehicle kept at the stations? 304
    • Station 1 in the captains office
    • All others in the watch office
  35. If electrical power fails at a station, who must the captain notify immediately? 305
    ECC and the BC
  36. Should there be any blank lines left in a station log book? 306
    No, they should have a single black line drawn thru them
  37. Who is/are allowed to make entries in the station log? 306
    Only personnel that are assigned to that station
  38. What info regarding equipment and apparatus will be annotated in the log book? 305
    All movement where and why, any damage to or any that are lost/ missing
  39. What info regarding personnel will be annotated in the log book? 305
    Personnel changes and injuries to personnel
  40. What 8 additional pieces of info will be annotated in the log book? 305
    • Hydrants (new in service, out of service)
    • Streets and alleys (closed, open, or partially closed)
    • Fumigations and fogging locations received by stations
    • Sprinkler and alarm systems in or out of service
    • Groups touring stations including name, total number, and person in charge
    • Equipment or supplies received from outside service and cost of same.
    • Any materials or equipment loaned or disbursed to other depts. or persons.
    • Receipt of Department Policies, memorandums, etc.
  41. What 3 things will be done with a filled journal? 306
    • The outside cover will have the St #, Batt #, inclusive dates
    • Line drawn thru any remaining blank lines Then forwarded to the front office
  42. Who schedules tours for schools and institutions? 307
    The Public Education Specialist
  43. Where is guidance(book) for the Inspection & Maintenance of Generators and Fuel Tanks? 308
    In the BFD emergency Generator/ Fuel tank Manual, in the captains office
  44. What day and for how long will the test of the Emergency Generators operate? 308
    Saturdays at 2pm for 15 minutes
  45. How often shall the captain inspect the Fuel Storage Tank? 308
  46. Who is responsible for sending in all monthly reports to the general office? 309
    The Engine Captain who works the 1st day of the month
  47. When are all monthly reports due at the general office? 309
    No later than the 2nd of the month
  48. What are the 4 monthly reports that must be sent to the General Office? 309
    • Monthly Training report
    • Individual drill and school report
    • request of supplies
    • fire safety inspections
  49. How should station floors be cleaned daily? 310
    Remove grease & Oil with Solvent then use floor sweep or a dust mop
  50. Can water and a cleaner be used on the apparatus floors? 310
    Yes, following inclement weather or when mud is on the floor
  51. If an items for the dept are purchased with your own money what 4 things must be on receipt 311
    • The location where it will be used
    • The reason it was purchased
    • Who made the purchase 
    • the purchasers Signature
  52. What is the maximum amount for a petty cash purchase? 311
  53. Is washing cars and minor repairs on vehicle permitted at the stations? 312
    Yes, after 0900 Sundays, 1300 Saturdays and 1800 mon-fri
  54. Where is the Suggestion Box located? 315
    Station 1 on the APP floor outside the admin office
  55. Does a suggestion need to be signed and dated to be valid? 315
  56. Do we service private hydrants within the city limits? 316
  57. Are you allowed to post or distribute any communications in the fire stations? 317
    Only if it has been signed by the author and approved by the fire chief
  58. Which form is required for all accidents involving persons, equipment, apparatus or property? 319
  59. If an RM-1 is completed, who must send in a memo explaining what happened? 319
    The employee involved who must also sign it. If the supervisor concurs they will sign it as well, if not they must submit a separate memo
  60. When must the RM-1 be completed? 319
    During the shift or day in which the accident occurred
  61. Where are 5 places you should not park privately owned vehicles at fire stations? 321
    • Inside fire stations
    • Handicap spots
    • Inside any structure
    • Under shade covering, unattended
    • Where they will obstruct dept activities or apparatus or facilities
  62. When can vehicles be parked under overhead doors? 322
  63. When can overhead doors be left partially open? 322
  64. What are the 3 times that the apparatus bay doors must be closed? 322
    • The station is empty
    • Apparatus floor is unstaffed 
    • After dark
  65. Who is responsible that the station is ready for the Annual Inspection/ 323
    The Captains
  66. Who is responsible for conduction the Station Inspections? 323
    The BC's in their respective battalions
  67. Name 5 examples of when a FD Form 1577 Pub Ed Report needs to be filled out? 324
    • Station tours
    • Fire safety demos
    • CPR or 1st aid training
    • Fairs
    • School drills
  68. What is the purpose of the Fire/Pub Ed Report Form? 324
    To help evaluate our fire safety and Pub Ed Program
  69. If a suspected container of waste oil is not leaking who will the Captain Call? 327
    Environmental Services?
  70. Who should the captain call if a waste oil container is leaking or Enviromental Services are not avail?
    BFD Haz-Mat Team
  71. If the public want to dispose of waste oil, who should we direct them too? 327
    Solid Waste and recycling division
  72. When shall Supply requests be submitted? 328
    On the 1st day of the month
  73. How many day inventory on supplies be maintained? 328
    30 day supply
  74. If a fire is threatening or involves telephone equipment at a Pac Bell facility, what extinguisher should be used?
    CO2 which have been installed at their facilities
  75. Who is responsible of ensuring a cause and origin are determined for all fires? 404
    Company Officers
  76. If AP is requested at a fire what must happen? 404
    FD units must remain on scene and keep the area secure
  77. Can you write in your report ?Under Investigation? if you only speak to an AP? 404
    No an AP unit must arrive on scene
  78. Who may enter the incident scene that is under investigation? 404
    Only FD personnel
  79. After an Internal Investigation how long are the complaint and reports kept? 405
    5 years
  80. Who will be notified of the disposition of a complaint? 405
    Both the complainant and the employee
  81. What would classify as a "False Fire Alarm"? 406
    Any call for when a system is under test or the system malfunctions
  82. Do we fill out a False Alarm Report, If adverse weather conditions cause a fire alarm system to fail?
  83. How many false alarm reports in what time frame shall one be assessed a fee? 406
    3 or more in a 12 month time frame
  84. How many day grace period is allowed after installation of a new system? 406
    7 days
  85. What happens to the original copy of the False Alarm Report? 406
    It is given to the RP or posted on the main entrance of the building
  86. What happens to the hard copy of the False Alarm Report? 406
    Sent thru Dept mail to the Arson division
  87. Who may carry firearms on duty and/or in the stations? 408
    Only personnel authorized by the Fire Chief
  88. Who is responsible for testing and maintenance of detectors in motel, hotels & common stairwell of apartment complexes? 409
    The property owner
  89. Does the BFD recharge fire extinguishers owned by the Public? 410
    Only if they were utilized by FD personnel
  90. Any hazardous or toxic spill must be reported to KC Heath Dept within__hours? 412
    72 hours
  91. Who do we send to juvenile firesetters program? 419
    Any person under the age of 18 who sets fires or at the request of the parent
  92. Who are required to enforce the Uniform Fire Code? 420
    Deputy chiefs down to Acting Captains and civilian inspectors
  93. Who is responsible for proper care and maintenance of reserve apparatus? 501
    All company officers
  94. Who will be notified when moving or placing a reserve apparatus in service? 501
    The captain where the apparatus is normally housed
  95. Who is responsible for the safe driving of each FD vehicle? 502
    The Driver
  96. How far away from hospitals will sirens be turned off? 502
    3 blocks
  97. What is the maximum permissible speed when traveling in the center lane or oncoming traffic lanes? 502
    20 MPH
  98. What is the maximum time personnel can conduct pumping operations? 507
    4 hours
  99. For a person to surrender a newborn, what is the oldest the baby can be? 707
    72 hours
  100. Who is responsible for security of the narcotics? 708
    The company officer and the BFD Paramedic assigned to that unit
  101. When should the narcotics be exchanged with KMC? 708
    30 days prior to their expiration date
  102. What 3 incidences are you required to report suspected abuse? 709
    • You observe an incident that reasonable appears to be physical abuse
    • You observe a physical injury that indicates abuse
    • Are told that someone has been abused
  103. Who do we report Dependant Adult/Elder abuse to? 709
    Adult protective services
  104. Who do we report child abuse to? 709
    Child protective agency
  105. Which FD employees may use tobacco products? 801
    Employees hired prior to January 1, 1987
  106. Which FD personnel are authorized to make media releases? 802
    All FD personnel may
  107. Who is responsible to make every effort to keeping the media informed? 802
  108. Are press releases regarding union or political activities authorized on duty? 802
    Yes, as long as they are cleared thru the fire chief
  109. May sunglasses be worn when providing a media release? 802
  110. If giving a non emergency press release, what is the appropriate attire? 802
    Full Fatigue Uniform
  111. If giving a press release during a non emergency drill what is the appropriate attire? 802
    Full Fatigue Uniform + Helmet
  112. If giving a press release during an emergency, what is the appropriate attire? 802
    Full Fatigue Uniform + Brush Jacket + Helmet
  113. When should the Plymo-Vent be attached to the Apparatus? 803
    When the tail pipe in inside the threshold of the overhead door
  114. Other than for building up pressure in the brakes what is the longest an engine shall idle in the station? 803
    60 seconds
  115. Shall turbo "Cool Down" or Engine Regen occur with the Plymo-Vent attached?
  116. May companies use a gym out of their 1st in? 806
    Yes, when no gym is available in their 1st in and with approval of their BC
  117. May sexually explicit material be kept in your locker as long as it can be locked? 807
    No, Sexually explicit material is not allowed in any FD office or Station
  118. How many safety officers can be assigned to an incident? 808
    Only one, however they may have assistants
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