Policy Questions 5-8-13 Part 1

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  1. Are male firefighters allowed to wear fingernail polish or cosmetics? 102.8.8
    Yes, clear polish and cosmetics to cover tattoos
  2. How much of the ear may be covered with hair on men? 102.8
    1/2 inch of the ear
  3. How far beyond the corner of the mouth may a mustache extend? 102.8.3
  4. Can women have hair longer than the bottom of the collar? 102.9.1
    Yes, but it must be done up
  5. Are women firefighter allowed to wear earrings? 102.10.1
  6. How many rings are allowed? 102.10.1
  7. Are women allowed to have tattoos on their face? 102.12.1
    Yes, only cosmetic tattoos
  8. How many hours must a Reserve Firefighter work per month? 103.8.1
    36 hours at a station + 12 hours per year of Public Education
  9. What is the name for the RM-1? 106.9
    Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report
  10. What is the name for a RM-5? 106.9
    Employees claim for workers' compensation benefits
  11. When is a RM-5 filled out
    When medical attention is required
  12. What types of injuries are required to be reported to their immediate supervisors? 106.8.1
    All accidents or injuries, regardless of severity
  13. Who is responsible for filling out an RM-1 and in what time frame? 106
    Captain, within 24 hours
  14. Any outside inquiries regarding an accident should be referred to who? 106.12
    The Risk Management Office or the City Attorney's Office
  15. When will a duty(Command) chief be notified? 107.6.1
    2nd alarm fires
  16. Who tracks the due dates and initiates the annual Evaluation for sworn personnel? 110
  17. For evaluations, what personnel information may be taken home? 110
  18. What form is used to assist the rater in the preparation of the performance evaluation? 110.4
    Bakersfield Fire Department Evaluation Questionnaire
  19. Who is responsible for reviewing the employee’s personnel file and completing the “boiler plate” section of the Performance Evaluation? 110.8.2
    The Administrative Office
  20. May Supervisors review their subordinate’s personnel file?
    Yes, on the  first floor of Administrative Offices at Headquarters, at the Light Duty desk, when support personnel or Staff Chiefs are present
  21. Who must give written approval prior to returning to Modified (light) duty? 111
    City Physician
  22. For an Incident Report what does FACCCT stand for? 113
    • Factual
    • Accurate
    • Clear
    • Concise
    • Complete
    • Timely
  23. When should an incident report be completed by? 113
    The end of each shift
  24. When should an Incident Report be written? 113
    When there is a response to any alarm
  25. What classifies as an "incident" for which a report should be written? 113
    Any incident given a run number


    Any call toned out and then cancelled
  26. How should the narrative portion be written on the run report? 113
    The narrative is told from a particular point of view, usually the first person.  Narratives that are written in the first person generally use “I,” “we” or “my crew and I
  27. If both an engine and truck respond to the same call, who is responsible for the report? 113
    The Truck Captain
  28. Is every company officer assigned to an incident required to complete a narrative? 113
  29. When will all crew members complete a narrative? 113
    For significant events, i.e. a crime scene
  30. What is the "Primary Action Taken" code for a paramedic deployment? 113
  31. During Emergency Callback, when does OT start? 114
    When you sign in at the station or BC log book
  32. How much do you get paid for court standby? 116
    $20 for 8 hours or any part thereof
  33. If you are on jury duty and are not suppose to return to duty what must you obtain? 116
    A letter for the judge
  34. Are you allowed to combine a partial shift of OT with a shift trade? 117
    Only if you have less than one shift of vacation on the books
  35. Which form is a formal notice of possible further disciplinary action? 118
    Employee Consultation report
  36. Which form is used to notify a performance must be improved? 118
    Confirmation of Verbal Reprimand Memorandum
  37. Which form is used to document the discussion to clarify verbal agreements or behavior change? 118
    Counseling Interview Memorandum
  38. Which form is used when counseling has failed? 118
    Confirmation of Verbal Reprimand Memorandum
  39. Does a copy of the Counseling Interview Memorandum need to the Deputy Chief? 118
  40. How much time does an employee have to request an appeal of disciplinary Action? 118
    5 working days or 2 regular scheduled shifts
  41. Who should FD personnel contact prior to contacting CISM? 122
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Peer Support Workers (PSW)
  42. How many days prior to a live fire training exercise will the necessary forms be completed? 123
    At least 14 days prior
  43. What fire apparatus must be present for a live fire training exercise? 123.12
    2-1500gpm Type I engines and a 3000 gallon water tender or 1000gpm water supply
  44. How long shall live fire training records be kept? 123.13
    20 years
  45. How many inches tall must wildland boots be when measured from the inside? 124.10
    8 inches
  46. What is the maximum number of hours per quarter are allowed for outside employment? 128
  47. Who must approve outside employment? 128
    Fire Chief and City Manager's Office
  48. If you have pre-scheduled vacation when a major disaster happens, are you allowed to still go? 129
  49. During a disaster where do Battalion II personnel report too? 129
    Station 6
  50. Upon occurrence of an Earthquake, what 4 things must happen at the fire stations? 129
    • All apparatus, spare hose, and turnouts taken outside
    • All radios must be on
  51. All training and reserve personnel shall report where during a major disaster? 129
    Station 1
  52. Where do the off duty Chief Officers report to during a major disaster? 129
    Fire Operations Center
  53. What are the 2 types of mutual aid assignments? 130
    Immediate need and planned need
  54. What special training should personnel have staffing OES 299 when it is requested? 130
    Rescue Systems 1
  55. How often should mutual aid resources communicate updates with the dept? 130
    Every 48 hour
  56. When returning from a mutual aid assignment where do you go to put the rig back to in-service condition? 130
    Station 1
  57. Which engines are designated for mutual aid assignments? 130.9.6
    Engines 1, 6, 7, 8 with Engines 4, 5 as alternates
  58. Which pieces of equipment are identified in the Sequoia National forest for response? 130.9.6
    • Patrols 24, 210
    • Engines 301, 308
  59. What is the 3 letter identifier for Bakersfield Fire Dept resources? 130.9.7
  60. How long should crews be prepared to operate on a mutual aid assignment? 130.9.9
    Minimum of 72 hours
  61. We should refill our SCBA bottles when they fall below what PSI? 131
    4050psi (90% of the rated pressure)
  62. When should Female personnel notify the dept that they are pregnant? 132
    As soon as they have medical confirmation
  63. Who has scene management control in the city limits on a HAZMAT call? 133
    City Fire
  64. If HAZMAT cleanup will exceed $10,000 who must be notified? 133
    An Assistant Chief or higher
  65. If the HAZMAT is a Pesticide who must be notified? 133
    The Ag Dept
  66. If a person enters the "Warm Zone" without permission may we detain or arrest them? 133
  67. Who should determine if we stage in the event of a shooting or threatening situation? 134
    The Company officer
  68. If you plan to separate for the dept, how many days advanced notice, should be sent to deputy or OPS? 135
    Minimum 10 days
  69. How should your notice of separation be sent? 135
  70. How long after an employees last shift does he have to return is issued items? 135
    72 hours
  71. How long after an employee's last shift does he have to return is official documents? 135
    24 hours
  72. Who may nominate a person for a fire dept award? 136
    Any FD personnel
  73. Who is responsible for investigating and reporting accidents and injuries involving the dept? 137
    The opposite BC
  74. Who shall maintain records of all accidents and personal injuries reported? 137
    The safety officer
  75. When will sworn personnel be in their fatigue uniform? 138
    From 0800-1800hrs
  76. When are wildland boots authorized to be worn? 138
    Only on wildland assignments
  77. What is the thickest a fatigue belt can be? 138
    1 ½" wide
  78. Can the dept patch be embroidered on the fatigue shirt? 138
  79. Are any other patches authorized on the fatigue shirt? 138
  80. When are new hires required to obtain a Class A uniform? 139
    Within 35 days of appointment as a permanent employee
  81. Who must approve out of state travel? 141
    Staff and the city manager's office
  82. When should travel requests be submitted? 141
    At least 30 days prior
  83. Who must approve ride-alongs? 142
    Captain?s & BC?s
  84. How old must a member of the public be to participate in a ride-along? 142
    15 years old and in good health
  85. What is proper attire for a ride-along? 142
    Long pants, polo shirt and closed toe shoes
  86. How late can a ride-along stay? 142
    No later than 2300hrs
  87. When must the application for tuition reimbursement be submitted? 144
    Prior to course enrollment
  88. For tuition reimbursement, what grade must you get for graduate and under grad courses? 144
    • Graduate - B
    • Undergrad - C
  89. During non emergency situations, may a city vehicle be parked in a fire lane, red zone? 146
  90. Will all allegations of employee misconduct be investigated? 147
  91. What 3 options does the fire chief have to investigate an allegation? 147
    Have a deputy chief or Arson investigate or do it himself
  92. What are the chief's 4 dispositions possibilities after an investigation? 147
    • Unfounded
    • Exonerated
    • Not sustained
    • Sustained
    • + Commended???
  93. If you are under investigating, do you have the right to tape record the interview? 147
    Yes, and if the interviewer tape records it you are entitled to receive a copy
  94. Can employees working under a nepotism waiver, work in the same battalion and shift? 148
  95. What is the minimum and maximum age to be a fire explorer? 149
    Minimum 15 years old or (a freshman in high school) and maximum of 21 years old
  96. Can certified explorers work 24 hour shifts? 149
  97. What is the maximum amount of hours an explorer work in a month? 149
    72 hours
  98. What must an explorer candidate pass in order to become certified? 149
    • Physical agility
    • Written tests
    • Oral interview
  99. Can certified Explorers operate rescue tools? 149
  100. Can certified Explorers deploy transverse lines? 149
  101. If an explorer is injured due to an on duty accident how should they receive medical care? 149
    In accordance with BFD policy
  102. How long will Primary bid vacancies be posted? 150
    At least 10 days
  103. May previously unfilled vacancies be reposted as primary bid openings? 150
    Yes, at the discretion of the department
  104. When do secondary transfer request expire? 150
    At the end of the fiscal year June 30
  105. What is the maximum number of Secondary transfer requests allowed at one time? 150
    5 specific stations not to exceed 5 requests in any fiscal year
  106. What must happen to cancel secondary requests that are on file? 150
    Return the validated employee's copy to the office of the OPS Chief
  107. Which stations are deemed as training stations? 150
    Stations 1,5,6,7
  108. Requests for shift trades will be forwarded how many hours prior to the shift trade? 151
    At least 12 hours
  109. Who makes the final decision on approval of a shift trade? 151
    The BC
  110. What are the 5 exceptions to the rank for rank shift trade rules? 151
    • Catastrophic illness
    • Extreme situations
    • Newly promoted paying back
    • Acting
    • Promotion list
  111. If a shift trade is cancelled due to an industrial injury more than 24 hours, who is responsible for the shift? 151
    The individual who's regular shift
  112. If an industrial injury happens (to the person who is suppose to work the Shift Trade) and the regularly scheduled person is unable to work the shift, will the department use vacation or sick leave to fill the spot?
    Vacation first, if no vacation, then sick leave will be used
  113. How many contact numbers are allowed in telestaff? 152
    Minimum of 1 and maximum of 2
  114. When must individuals sign up for Critical staffing (6 or more vacancies)? 152
    By the 15th of each month
  115. Who is exempt from signing up for Critical staffing 4 categories? 152
    • Injury
    • Light duty
    • Long term illness
    • 8 contiguous shifts of vacation
  116. If taking family sick leave or bereavement leave what must be put in the note? 153
    The family members name and relationship to you
  117. What time should you input an absence due to illness or injury into Telestaff? 153
    Prior to 6:30am
  118. If a subordinate is relieved from duty for any reason, what must the supervisor do? 153
    Notify his superior and document such action in the station log book
  119. If an individual is "acting", what pay incentive will they receive? 154
    An additional 5%
  120. When can the dept initiate "Acting"? 154
    When an injury or illness lasts longer than 30 or when a BC position cannot be filled
  121. What is the maximum number of hours an individual can work in a row? 155
    96 hours
  122. Can PT attire be worn to and from the gym? 157
    Only when it is concealed under appropriate PPE
  123. What is the radio call sign for the administrative captain? 201
    Safety 5
  124. What is the radio call sign for the Deputy Chief of OPS? 201
    City Command 1
  125. When may the "Hi-Lo" mode on the siren be used? 202
  126. What is the primary reason for utilizing tactical channels? 203
    To improve incident communications and provide a higher degree of safety
  127. Who determines if and when a tactical channel will be used? 203
    The 1st arriving Chief Officer
  128. What is the list of TAC channels (in priority order) that should be used in the City? 203
    TAC 2, TAC 3, White 2, White 3, OES 1 OES 2
  129. What are the 2 times when  the response incident number remain the same for differnet calls? 204
    • When the call occurred 30 minutes or less (same location)
    • Wrong address and original company proceeds to the new address
  130. When does patient care transfer to the ambulance crew on a rescue call? 205
    When the patient is free from the vehicle and it is safe for the ambulance crew to make contact
  131. If fire personnel receive a bomb threat, who should they notify? 207
    PD and give them as much info as possible
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