US Foreign Affairs and WWII

  1. What were the causes of isolationism?
    • failure to join league
    • red scare/xenophobia
    • immigration laws
    • tariff policy
    • interest in domestic affairs:20's prosperity/30's depression
  2. What two treaties were signed at the Washington conference?
    • five power treaty
    • nine power treaty
  3. What did the five power treaty do?
    • ten year naval holiday- no building war ships for 10 years
    • naval parity:5-5-3 provision-tried to make navies equal 
    • There could be no new or improved naval bases in pacific
  4. What did the nine power treaty do?
    maintained Open Door Policy in China
  5. What was the Dawes Plan?
    new plan for Germany to pay its reparations
  6. What was the Kellog-Briand Pact?
    66 countries agree to outlaw war
  7. What happened with Japan in 1931?
    Japan invades Manchuria(china)
  8. What does Hoover do about Japan's invading?
    • He refuses to use economic sanctions 
    • "boycotts lead to bullets"
  9. What was the Stimson Doctrine?
    US said they would not recognize Japan's right in Manchuria
  10. Who officially recognized the USSR?
  11. What was the Good Neighbor Policy?
    improve relations with latin america
  12. What was the Reciprocal Trade Agreement?
    you lower your tariff we lower ours
  13. What were Axis Aggressions?
    Hitler and Mussolini take territory
  14. What was the Allied response to Axis Agressions?
    appeasement-giving in to avoid war
  15. What was the US response to Axis Agressions?
    • Neutrality acts
    • Cash and Carry policy
  16. What were the neutrality acts?
    limited buisness and individual involvement with nations at war
  17. What was the cash and carry policy?
    certain items could be bought for cash if it was transported on the country's own ships
  18. What happened in 1939 with Poland? What was the american response?
    • invasion of poland and start of WWII
    • majority of americans support allies, but want to stay out of the war
  19. What happened in 1940 with France?
    Fall of France-changed Americans attidude
  20. What was the US Reaction to the fall of France?
    • Havana Conference
    • Destroyer Deal
    • Re-elects FDR
    • Lend-Lease Act
    • Atlantic Charter
    • By fall of 1941 we are giving Britain all aid except men
  21. What was the Havana Conference?
    tells Hitler to stay out of Latin America
  22. What was the destroyer deal?
    US gave Britain 50 destroyers in return for Naval bases in the Western Heimisphere
  23. What was the Lend-Lease Act?
    gave the allies war materials on credit
  24. What the Atlantic Charter?
    FDR and Churchill announce the allied war aims
  25. What was the US reaction when Japan expanded in Asia?
    placed an embargo on gas and scrap metal to Japan
  26. What was Japan's Reaction to the US embargo?
    • attacked pearl harbor
    • US declares war on Japan;Hitler declares war on US
  27. How much did US increase production in agriculture and manufacturing?
    up to 75%
  28. What was the cost of war? how did we pay for it?
    • 400 billion
    • most from taxes and bonds
    • debt increased to 265 billion
  29. How many men were drafted?
    over 10 million
  30. What were social changes during WWII?
    • Rationing 
    • pop. shift to states with miltary bases and industry
    • Blacks continue to move out of south
    • Japanese-Americans put in internment camps
    • Woman serve in military
  31. How did war end?
    • Allies defeat Germany in Europe
    • D-Day-allied invasion of Normandy France
    • Eisenhower the hero
  32. What was the Yalta conference?
    set up post war plans with Europe
  33. What happened in April, 1945?
    FDR became died and Truman became president
  34. What was the battle of Midway?
    • turning point
    • US sinks 4 Japanesse carriers
  35. What was the Potsdam conference?
    it was agreed to use the atomic bomb
  36. Did the US have to drop the bomb?
    • yes-Japan would not surrender and it saved live
    • no- Japan would have surrendered anyway
  37. What were the results of WWII?
    • Europe is devastated
    • over 50 mill. people killed
    • communism became the major threat
    • The US and USSR are the new world powers
    • resulted in cold war
  38. What is the GI Bill of Rights?
    paid for veterans education
  39. What was the purpose of the  Taft Hartley Act(Slave Labor Law)? What did it allow for?
    • aimed at reducing the power of organized labor
    • allowed for Right to Work laws and provided for a cooling off period before strikes
  40. What is affluency?
    abundance of resourses
  41. What did John Kenneth Galbraith's The Affluent Society say? What was the problem?
    • affluency was never-ending and is avialiable for all
    • problem he saw was that affluency had not ended poverty
  42. What was the Baby Boom?
    tremendous increase in birthrate following WWII
  43. What was the 1956 Highway Act?
    federal funding of intersate highways
  44. What was "White-Flight"?
    White middle class moving to suburbs
  45. What was conformity?
    everybody lived the same lifestyle
  46. What was there the break up of?
    families and communites
  47. Where is the sunbelt?
    from Fl. to Cal.
  48. Where were people moving?
    Sunbelt and Suburbs
  49. What was the conflict between with women? What did this lay the foudation for?
    • The cult of domesticity and women in the work place
    • layed the foundation for the women's rights movement
  50. What was conservationism?
    after WWII the country became more conservative
  51. What was the 22nd amendment?
    2 term presidential limit
  52. What was the Situation with civil rights under Truman? What was his attitude  What did he integrate?
    • blacks still had no rights
    • wants to promote civil rights
    • armed forces
  53. What were the democratic parties of 1948?
    • progressives- opposed truman because of his stand against communism
    • Dixiecrats-opposed to Truman's civil rights policy
  54. What was the spread of communism?
    by 1949 the communist controlled controlled eastern europe, china, and the soviet had devolped the atomic bomb
  55. What was the US Reaction the spread of communism?
    • containment
    • truman doctrine
    • marshall plan
  56. What was cointainment?
    policy of keeping communism from spreading
  57. What was the Truman Doctrine?
    gave money to greece anf turkey to fight communism
  58. What was the Marshall Plan?
    provided money for the rebuilding of Europe
  59. What was the Berlin Airlift?
    Britain flew supplies into west Berlin to defeat soviet blockade
  60. What was NATO?
    military org. to protect europe against communism
  61. What was the cause of the Korean War?
    communist north korea invaded democratic south korea
  62. What was the US Reaction to north korea's invasion of South korea?
    Truman got the UN to send troops to help S. Korea
  63. What did China do in the Korean War?
    came in on the side of north korea
  64. What did MacArthur want to do? What happened to him?
    • attack China and publicly criticised Truman for refusing
    • truman fired him
  65. What were the results of the Korean War?
    • korea still divided 
    • communism kept from spreading
  66. What does HUAC stand for? What did they hold hearings for?
    • House Committee on UN-American activities
    • communist influences in america
  67. Who was Alger Hiss?
    • worked for the state department and was accused of being a communist spy
    • his case divided the nation
  68. Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenburg?
    executed for giving atomic secrets to Russia
  69. What is MaCarthyism?
    claimed to have a list of communist working in the government
  70. What was the downfall of McCarthy?
    Army McCarthy Hearings
  71. What was Eisenhower's character?
  72. What was the AFL-CIO Merger?
    creates large and powerful labor union
  73. What was the Landrum-Griffin Act?
    regulated union finances and elections
  74. What case was under warren court?
    brown v board
  75. What was Brown v Board?
    • overturned plessy v fergeson
    • led to integration of schools
  76. What happened at Central High, Little Rock?
    • 9 blacks enroll at Central High
    • Gov. of Arkansas called in national guard to keep them out
    • Eisenhower sends in federal troops to let them in the school
  77. What was the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
    • Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man
    • MLK stared bus boycott
  78. What were the results of Montgomery Bus Boycott?
    • supreme court overturn alabama bus law
    • beginning of civil rights movement
  79. What was the SCLC?
    • southern christain leadership conference
    • MLK's organization to use non-violent means to gain black rights
  80. What was the Civil Rights Bill of 1957? What was its signifigance?
    • aimed at helping blacks vote
    • first civil rights legislation in over 80 years
  81. What was the Youth Movement?
    • Impact of Affluecny- more young people staying in school
    • imapct of mass media
    • activities- delinquency, rock and roll, tv became big
  82. Who were the beats?
    non-conformist writers
  83. Who were two beat writers?
    • Alan Ginsberg-Howl
    • Jack Kerouac-On the road
  84. What was the Suez Crisis?
    • Eqypt took over suez canal
    • Eisenhower refused to help Britain take canal back
  85. What was the Eisenhower Doctrine?
    Truman Doctrine for the middle east
  86. Who was John Foster Dulles? What was Massive Retaliation?
    • sec. of state
    • using the threat of nuclear weapons
  87. What is Brinkmanship?
    push the other side to the brink of war
  88. What happened with the French in Vietnam?
    • After WWII the communist in vietnam started a war with the french 
    • truman sent money to help french
  89. What was the division of Vietnam?
    in 1954 french defeated and Vietnam divided into communist north and non communist south
  90. Who were the Viet Cong and what did they do?
    • communist in SV
    • stared a civil war agaisnt SV government
  91. What was Eisenhower's reation to vietnam?
    • does not want to send troops
    • sent military advisors
  92. What is domino theory?
    if one country fell to communism others would to
  93. What was Sputnik?
    first satellite in space sent by USSR
  94. What was the National Defense Education Act?
    provided money to schools to promote math and science
  95. What happened with Khrushchev's visit?
    came to US and  it brought better relations between US and Soivet Union untill an american spy plane was shot down over Russia
  96. Who is Fidel Castro?
    led communist take over of cuba
  97. What was US reaction to Cuba?
    threatened to use Monroe doctrine on Russia
  98. What was Soviet Reaction to Russia?
    bother cuba and we will rain missles on the US
  99. What did we do in the end to cuba?
    put a trade embargo on them
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