MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part B

  1. scheduled report
    A report produced periodically, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  2. key-indicator report
    A summary of the previous day’s critical activities, typically available at the beginning of each workday.
  3. demand report
    A report developed to give certain information at someone's request rather than on a schedule.
  4. exception report
    A report automatically produced when a situation is unusual or requires management action.
  5. drill-down report
    A report providing increasingly detailed data about a situation.
  6. financial MIS
    An information system that provides financial information for executives and for a broader set of people who need to make better decisions on a daily basis.
  7. profit center
    A department within an organization that focuses on generating profits.
  8. revenue center
    A division within a company that generates sales or revenues.
  9. cost center
    A division within a company that does not directly generate revenue.
  10. auditing
    Analyzing the financial condition of an organization and determining whether financial statements and reports produced by the financial MIS are accurate.
  11. external auditing
    Auditing performed by an outside group.
  12. internal auditing
    Auditing performed by individuals within the organization.
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MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part B
MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part B