Bio 375 exam One

  1. What is the branch of genetics that deals with how an organism inherits its genetic makeup and how it passes its genes to the next generation? Heredity relationship, genes on a chromosome, and gene mapping are some examples. aka. Mendel Genetics
    Transmission Genetics
  2. What branch of genetics studies the chemical nature of the gene itself. How it is encoded, replicated, and expressed. DNA
    Molecular Genetics
  3. What branch of genetics explores the genetic composition of populations and how that population changes over time and geographic space. aka. Evolution
    Population Genetics
  4. The following topics are examples of what branch of genetics?
    Analysis of pedigrees to determine the probability of someone inheriting a trait. Study of how the inheritance of traits encoded by genes on sex chromosomes (sex-linked traits) differs from the inheritance of traits encoded by genes on nonsex chromosomes (autosomal traits).
    Transmission genetics
  5. The following topics are examples of what branch of genetics? Study of the genetic history of people on a small island to determine why a genetic form of asthma is so prevalent on the island. The influence of nonrandom mating on the distribution of genotypes among a group of animals.
    Population genetics
  6. The following topics are examples of what branch of genetics? Examination of the nucleotide sequences found at the ends of chromosomes. Mechanisms that ensure a high degree of accuracy during DNA replication.
    Molecular genetics
  7. Pangenesis is the concept of:
    the inheritance of acquired characteristics. Traits acquired during during one's lifetime can be incorporated into one's offspring. Ex: Musical talent and Gemmules (specific particles that carry information from various parts of the body to the reproductive organs, from which they are passed down to the embryp. COMPLETELY FALSE!!! Missing limbs do not pass down.
  8. Preformationism is the concept of:
    that there is a miniture human curled up inside of a gamate. called homculus. FALSE
  9. Blending Inheritance is the concept of:
    that believes offspring are a mix of parental traits. Mix cannot be seperated in later generations. 'Paint theory'. Second half is false.
  10. P=G + E
    Phenotype is effected by genes and environment.
  11. Is genetic change. Variation is introduced, variants then increase or decrease in frequency.
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