Toxo, Q2 I

  1. what syndrome is caused from red maple?
    • hemolytic syndrome
    • (hemoglobinuria, methemoglobin, icterus, cyanosis)
  2. what plant family does red maple belong to?
  3. what family does redroot pigweed belong to?
  4. what species are affected by redroot pigweed
    How does animal act when affected?
    Pigs & Ruminants 

    Alert but reluctant to move; sternal recumbency
  5. what family does poison ivy belong to ?
  6. what clinical signs are seen with poison ivy?
    contact dermatitis (Less severe in animals than people)
  7. what family is poison hemlock in ?
    • apiaceae
    • (spotted purple stem)
  8. what signs are associated with poison hemlock?
    • Depression (as with nicotine)
    • Abortions
    • NO convulsions
  9. what are "dead man's fingers"?
    water hemlock
  10. what is the most violently poisonous plant in the western/northern hemisphere?
    What is the toxic principle?
    • Water hemlock
    • Cicutoxin in roots
  11. what signs are associated with water hemlock?
    Is it fatal?
    • cicutoxin=
    • *Convulsions*
    • Cardiopulmonary Fx

    Death within 8 hours
  12. what family is oleander in?
  13. what is the toxic principle of oleander?
    cardenolides (extremely poisonous)
  14. what are signs of oleander toxicity?
    • Salivation
    • Vomiting (even*ruminants*)
    • Convulsions (+/-)
    • Sudden death
  15. are ruminants more or less susceptible to hemp dogbane poisoning?
    Less (rumen degredation?)
  16. what are clinical signs of hemp dogbane toxicity?
    • Cardiac (glycoside)
    • Vomiting even in ruminants; Diarrhea/Constipation
  17. what are the toxic signs of milkweed of narrow leaf variety?
    What about broad leaf?
    • Narrow: Neurotoxic
    • Ataxia
    • Convulsions
    • Salivation
    • Broad: Cardio-toxic
    • (glycosides, cardenolides)
    • NO convulsions
  18. what family is yellow star thistle in?
    Which species is most susceptible?
    • Asteraceae
    • Horses
  19. what is the cause of "sage sickness"?
    How is affected animal behaving?

    • Forelimb incoordination
    • Good appetite
  20. what is cause of "chewing disease"?
    How does animal present?
    yellow star thistle

    • Disorder of prehension;
    • Paralyzed tongue curled into V shape
    • Aimless walking
  21. what is toxic principle of white snakeroot?
    What Sp is most susceptible?
    • Tremetol (an alcohol)
    • Glycosides

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