EMT 3/22

  1. allergen
    something that causes an allergic reaction
  2. allergic reaction
    an exaggerated immune response
  3. anaphylaxis
    a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction in which the blood vessels dilate, causing a drop in blood pressure, and the tissues lining the respiratory system swell, interfering with the airway. also called anaphylactic shock
  4. auto-injector
    a syringe preloaded with medication that has a spring-loaded device that pushes the neddle through the skin when the tip of the device is pressed firmly against the body
  5. epinephrine
    a hormone produced by the body. as a medication, it constricts blood vessels and dilates respiratory passages and is used to relieve severe allergic reactions.
  6. hives
    red, itchy, possibly raised blotches on the skin that often result from allergic reactions
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EMT 3/22
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