EMT 3/21

  1. aura
    a sensation experienced by a seizure patient right before the seizure, which might be a smell, sound, or general feeling
  2. diabetes mellitus
    also called "sugar diabetes" or just "diabetes" the condition brought about by decreased insulin production or the inability of the body cells to use insulin properly. the person with this condition is a diabetic
  3. diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)
    a condition that occurs as the result of high blood sugar (hyperglacemia) characterized by dehydration, altered mental status, and shock
  4. epilepsy
    a medical condition that causes seizures
  5. generalized seizure
    a seizure that affects both sides of the brain
  6. glucose
    a form of sugar, the body's basic source of engergy
  7. hyperglycemia
    • ¬†
    • high blood sugar
  8. hypoglycemia
    low blood sugar
  9. insulin
    a hormone produced by the pancreas or taken as a medication by many diabetics
  10. partial seizure
    a seizure that affects only one part or one side of the brain
  11. postictal phase
    the period of time immediately following a tonic-clonic seizure in which the partient goes from full loss of consciousness to full mental status
  12. reticular activating system (RAS)
     series of neurologic circuits in the brain that control the functions of staying awake, paying attention, and sleeping
  13. seizure
    a sudden change in sensation, behavior, or movement. the most severe form of seizure produces violent muscle contrations called convulsions
  14. status epilepticus
    a prolonged seizure or situation when a person suffers two or more convulsive seizures without regaining full consciousness
  15. stroke
    a condition of altered frunction caused when an artery inthe brain is blocked or ruptured, disrupting the supply of oxygenated blood or causing bleeding into the brain. formerly called cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  16. syncope
  17. tonic-clonic seizure
    a generalized seizure in which the patient loses consciousness and has jerking movement of paired muscle groups
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