04.05. PAP Medical Payments Coverage

  1. Part B - Insuring Agreement
    • insurer pays reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses¬†only for the 3 years following an accident
    • includes medical, surgical, x-ray, dental, funeral services
    • medical payment coverage¬†applies without regard to fault to driver and passengers of covered vehicle, plus insured and family members in any vehicle and as pedestrians
  2. Part B - Exclusions
    • excluded activities: taxi (except carpool), vehicle used as residence, racing
    • excluded vehicles: less than 4 wheels, owned vehicles, family vehicle (except spouse), business vehicles (except van or trailer used with a van)
    • excluded circumstances: workers comp, unauthorized use, nuclear weapons or war, nuclear radiation
  3. Part B - Other vehicles
    • Owned: pro-rata
    • Nonowned or temporary substitute: excess
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04.05. PAP Medical Payments Coverage
Medical Payments Coverage