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  1. solitude [|sɑ:lətu:d]
  2. 고독
  3. affliction 미국·영국 [ə|flɪkʃn]
    • An affliction is something which causes physical or mental suffering.
    • I was in affliction while I lived alone.
  4. distress 미국·영국 [dɪ|stres]
    • He is a great distress to the family.
    • Effective techniques for reducing this distress include relaxation and behavioral changes
  5. distress 와 affliction의 차이점?
    • affliction은 고난, 재앙의 원인 점점 아주 어려운 상황, 고비
    • distress는 결과적인 고통, 마음의 고생.
    • distress 1 : 고뇌, worry 고통 자체
    • distress 2 : adversity, hardship 어려운 상황
    • 고난, 역경, affliction
  6. distressed
    • worried, disturbed
    • Jane's parents were distressed about leaving home.
  7. aghast 미국식 [ə|gӕst] 영국식 [ə|gɑ:st]
    • I am simply aghast to hear that you think I am lying.
    • He was aghast by the news of his friend's death.
    • Greenpeace members said they were aghast at the way the Japanese government was behaving on the whale issues.
  8. appalling 미국·영국 [ə|pɔ:lɪŋ]
    The prisoners were living in appalling conditions.

    The sexism and anti-feminism is appalling.
  9. aglow 미국식 [ə|gloʊ] 영국식 [ə|gləʊ]
    The western sky is aglow with the setting sun.

    He is aglow with the feeling of success.
  10. agog 미국식 [ə|gɑ:g] 영국식 [ə|gɒg]
    • The boy was all agog for mischief.He was agog with excitement.
    • She was all agog for singing.
  11. mischief [|mɪstʃɪf]
    1. Those children are always getting into mischief.

    2. Her eyes were full of mischief.

    3. The incident caused a great deal of political mischief.
  12. appalling과 aghast의 차이점?
    • appalling은 남을 깜짝놀라게 하는것이고
    • ahast는 본인이 놀란 것..
  13. agitate 미국·영국 [|ӕdƷɪteɪt]
    1. He is a politician who agitates constantly for change.

    2. The students were agitated by[with] the news.
  14. agitation 미국·영국 [|ӕdƷɪ|teɪʃn]
    Dot arrived in a state of great agitation
  15. district 미국·영국 [|dɪstrɪkt]
    The school was located in the crime-racked district.
  16. dismay (n. v.)
    She could not hide her dismay at the result.

    He was dismayed at the news.
  17. alienate 미국·영국 [|eɪliəneɪt]
    You may lose or alienate longtime friends.
  18. Estrange
    the suspect contacted his (estranged/disaffected/secluded) girlfriend who reluctantly gave him a place to hide.
  19. disaffected 미국·영국 [|dɪsə|fektɪd]
    Some disaffected members left to form a new party.
  20. secluded 미국·영국 [sɪ|klu:dɪd]
    The article reviewed the most romantic and secluded places for intimacy, inside your car.
  21. reluctant (←reluctantly) 미국·영국 [rɪ|lʌktənt]
    reluctant agreement
    마지못해 하는 동의
  22. acerbic [ə|s3:rbɪk]
    The letter was written in her usual acerbic style.
  23. confrontation 미국식 [|kɑ:nfrən|teɪʃn] 영국식 [|kɒnfrʌn|teɪʃn]
    면박을 주는
  24. antagonize 미국·영국 [æntægənaɪz]
    It's a very delicate situation and I've no wish to antagonize him.

    China has an array of reasons for not wanting to antagonize Iran.
  25. array [ə|reɪ]
  26. provoke 미국식 [prə|voʊk] 영국식 [prə|vəʊk]
    The purpose of terrorist attacks is often to provoke an extreme response.
  27. irritate 미국·영국 [|ɪrɪteɪt]
    That man really irritates me!

    Some drugs can irritate the lining of the stomach.

    She irritated her skin by scratching too much.

    Marchall's confrontataional style could (alienate/estrange/seclude) almost anyone : he even antagonized a board of directors that included a number of his supporters and that had a reputation for not being easily (provoke, irritated, unruffled) p.24 n.161 ex3>
  28. unruffled 미국·영국 [ʌn|rʌfld]
    • 사람이 냉정을 잃지 않는, 침착한
    • He remained totally unruffled even in the difficult situation.
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