med chem III quiz 7 GA - muscle relaxants

  1. 2 ultra-short acting barb
    caution in extreme asthmaticus
    powder only
    very potent CV and respiratory depressants
    • methohexital - brevital
    • thiopental - pentothal
  2. GA
    diagnostic agent
    anesthetic induction agent
    dissociative anesthesia
    ketamine - ketalar
  3. GA
    no analgesic activity
    can cause reduction in plasma cortisol levels
    etomidate - amidate
  4. GA
    induction and maintenance
    continuous sedation
    profound respiratory depression
    propofol - diprivan
  5. GA
    reduce incidence of N/V during surgery
    mild alpha-adrenergic blocker
    reduce dosage in elderly
    droperidol - inapsine
  6. GA
    very good relief of amnesia
    short acting benzo
    overdose managed with flumazenil
  7. GA
    known to oxdize and inactivate B12
    commonly used for dental procedures
    danger of hypoxia
    nitrous oxide
  8. 2 GA
    volatile liquids
    useful for vaginal and C-section
    can cause renal damage
    • enflurane - ethrane
    • isoflurane - forane
  9. GA
    volatile liquid
    specialized vaporizer needed
    do not use in children
    desflurane - suprane
  10. GA
    volatile liquid
    useful for peds, no resp. irritation
    sevoflurane - ultrane
  11. first local anesthetic discovered
    tropane alkaloid
  12. LA
    coadminister with antihistamine
    topical use only
  13. LA
    infiltration and peripheral nerve block
    chlorprocaine - nasacaine
  14. LA
    combo with lidocaine cream
    • tetracaine
    • pliagli
  15. LA
    CV use management of cardiac arrhythmias
    rapid first pass
    lidocaine - xylocaine
  16. LA
    not recommended for obstetrical epidural
    reserve 0.75% for surgical procedures with prolonged activity
    mepicacaine - carbocaine
  17. LA
    onset of action 5 minutes
    duration of action 2-4 hours
    bupivacaine - marcaine
  18. LA
    onset of < 2 minutes
    duration of action 1 hours
    prilocaine - citanest
  19. LA
    ideal for continuous infusion for epidurals during birth
    avoid rapid administration of large doses
  20. lidocaine + tetracaine
    topical patch
    heating mechanism
  21. concern for muscle relaxants
    respiratory depression
  22. muscle relaxant
    non-depolarizing curare agent
    first used in arrow poisons
  23. muscle relaxant
    used by skilled airway management
    metabolized by non-oxidative pathways
  24. muscle relaxant
    diastereomerically pure 15%
    metab. by non-oxidative pathway in plasma
    cisatracurium - nimbex
  25. muscle relaxant
    especially useful in peds
    watch for hepatic failure, increas dose
    rucuronium - zemuron
  26. muscle relaxant
  27. muscle relaxant
    biphasic block
    use in extreme caution in CV
    succinylcholine - anectine
  28. muscle relaxant
    centrally actin
    not used in adjunct with GA
    used when unresponsive to oral therapy
    constant unfusion pump
    don't abruptly discontinue - sphincter clamp
    binds to GABA
    baclofen - lioresal
  29. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    congener of meprobamate
    idiosyncratic reaction including allergy
    carisoprodol - soma
  30. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    urine will be orang or purple-red
    chlorzoxazone parafon forte
  31. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    ineffective in spasm due to CNS disease
    similar structurally to TCA's
    high protein bound
  32. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    ind - stiff man syndrome
    DOC for tetanus
    diazepam - valium
  33. muscle relaxant
    non adjunct with GA
    centrally acting
    possible teratogen
    pts watch for signs of liver dysfunction
    metaxalone - skelaxin
  34. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    T-1/2 1-2 hrs
    uring will be brown, black or green
    methocarbamol - robaxin
  35. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    centrally acting
    quinine resistant leg cramps
    moa - causing analgesia and possess anticholinergic activity
    orphenadine - norflex
  36. muscle relaxant
    not adjunt for GA
    centrally acting
    caps & tabs - not bioequivalent
    alpha 2 adrenergic agonist
    use extreme caution in hepatic failure
    may cause severe hypotension
    tizanidine - zanaflex
  37. muscle relaxant
    not adjunct for GA
    direct acting
    caution of day 1 choking
    BBW - hepatotoxic
    >35 women monitor serum AST & ALT
    oral and IV (management of malignant hyperthermia)
    dantrolene - dantrium
  38. used for the Tx or diagnosis of myasthenia gravis
    cholinergic muscle stimulants
  39. cholinergic
    Tx myasthenia gravis
    individualize dosage for less GI disturbances
    ambenoniuum - mytelase
  40. cholinergic
    watch for sulfite sensitivity
    comes in atropin combo
    • edrophonium - enlon
    • enlon plus (combo)
  41. cholinergic
    reversal of non-depolarizing muscle blockade
    contains benzyl alcohol (gasping syndrome)
    pyridostigmine - regonol
  42. cholinergic
    ind - reduce the symptoms of muscle weakness associated with Eaton lamber
    not for myasthenia gravis
    dose related fatal bone marrow suppression has occurred
  43. anti-cholinergic
    ind - overactive bladder
    once daily dosing
    SE - heat prostration
    CI - uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma
    oxybutin - ditropan
  44. anticholinergic
    ind - overactive bladder
    one tab BID
    trospium - sanctura
  45. anticholinergic
    ind - overactive bladder
    t - 1/2 50hr
    appears to prolong QT interval
    solifenacin - vesicare
  46. anti cholinergic
    ind - overactive bladder
    very selective for the M3 receptor
    metab. by 3A4 & 2D6
    no effect of QT
    darifenacin - enablex
  47. anitcholinergic
    ind - overactive bladder
    metab by 3A4 & 2D6
    53% increase in bioavailability
    dose dependent on QT
    tolterodine - detrol
  48. anticholinergic
    prodrug of detrol
    ind - overactive bladder
    no effect on QT
    fesoterodine - toviaz
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med chem III quiz 7 GA - muscle relaxants
med chem III quiz 7 GA - muscle relaxants