Chapter 8

  1. Magazine
    A non-daily periodical that comprises a collection of articles, stories, and ads.
  2. General-interest magazines
    Types of magazines that address a wide variety of topics and are aimed at a broad national audience.
  3. Photojournalism
    The use of photos to document events and people's lives.
  4. Pass-along readership
    The total number of people who come into contact with a single copy of a magazine.
  5. Supermarket tabloids
    Newspapers that feature bizarre human-interest stories, gruesome murder tales, violent accident accounts, unexplained phenomena stories, and malicious celebrity gossip.
  6. Split-run editions
    Editions of national magazines that tailor ads to different geographic areas.
  7. Demographic editions
    National magazines whose advertising is tailored to subscribers and readers according to occupation, class, and zip-code address.
  8. Regional editions
    National magazines whose content is tailored to the interests of different geographic ares.
  9. Evergreen subscriptions
    Magazine subscriptions that automatically renew on the subscribers credit card.
  10. Magalogs
    A combination of a glossy magazine that retail catalogue that is often used to market goods or services to customers or employees.
  11. Zines
    Self-published magazines produced on personal computer programs or on the internet.
  12. Muckrakers
    Reporters who used a style of early-twentieth century investigative journalism that emphasized a willingness to crawl around in society's muck to uncover a story.
  13. Webzines
    A magazine that publishes on the internet.
  14. Desktop Publishing
    A computer technology that enables an aspiring publisher/editor to inexpensively write, design, lay out, and even print a small newsletter or magazine.
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