Chapter 13 vocab

  1. Blockbusting
    the process of white families selling their homes because of fears that blacks would move in and lower the property value
  2. city
    centralized area with a mayor and local government, usually bigger than a town
  3. edge city
    A new concentration of business in suburban areas consisting of suburbs
  4. gateway city
    a settlement which acts as a link between two areas.
  5. redlining
    A process by which banksdraw lines on a map and refuse to lendmoney to purchase or improve propertywithin the boundaries.
  6. Functional Zonation
    The division of the city into different regions or zones for certain purposes or functions
  7. suburb
    A subsidiary urban area surrounding and connecting to the central city. Many are exclusively residential; others have their own commercial centers or shopping malls
  8. Griffin-Ford Model
    developed by Ernst Griffin and Larry Ford, a model of the Latin American city showing a blend of traditional elements of culture with the forces of globalization that are reshaping the urban scene
  9. Zoning Laws
    legal restrictions on land use that determine what types of building and economic activities are allowed to take place in certain areas.
  10. Social Stratification
    differentiation of society into classes based on wealth, power, production, and prestige
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