SAT Vocabulary List 14

  1. foil
    v. defeat; frustrate
  2. fetid
    adj. malodorous
  3. lampoon
    v. ridicule
  4. incapacitate
    v. disable
  5. tenet
    n. doctrine; dogma
  6. decadence
    n. decay
  7. revoke
    v. cancel; retract
  8. amass
    v collect
  9. hurtle
    v. crash; rush
  10. ordain
    v. decree or command; grant holy orders; predestine
  11. industrious
    adj. diligent; hard-working
  12. schematic
    adj. relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols
  13. licentious
    adj. amoral; lewd and lascivious; unrestrained
  14. paranoia
    n. psychosis marked by delusions of grandeur or persecution
  15. prevaricate
    v. lie
  16. martinet
    n. strict disciplinarian
  17. coin
    v. make coins; invent or fabricate
  18. precept
    n. practical rule guiding conduct
  19. vociferous
    adj. clamourous; noisy
  20. enamoured
    adj. in love
  21. eccentric
    • adj. irregular; odd; whimsical; bizarreĀ 
    • n. an odd or unconventional person
  22. extricate
    v. free; disentangle
  23. quixotic
    adj. idealistic but impractical
  24. resumption
    n. takin up again; recommencement
  25. fluency
    n. smoothness of speech
  26. fawning
    adj. courting favour by cringing and flattering
  27. auxiliary
    • adj. helper, additional or subsidiary
    • n. one that helps; an auxiliary verb
  28. ominous
    adj. threatening
  29. interim
    n. / adj. meantime
  30. sumptuous
    adj. lavish; rich
  31. climatic
    adj. relating to the highest point
  32. precise
    adj. exact
  33. decoy
    n. lure or bait
  34. scapegoat
    n. someone who bears the blame for others
  35. commemorate
    v. honor the memory of
  36. dispel
    v. scatter; drive away; cause to vanish
  37. squat
    adj. / n. stocky; short and thick
  38. whet
    v. sharpen; stimulate
  39. reprove
    v. censure; rebuke
  40. seasoned
    adj; experienced
  41. indifferent
    adj. unmoved or unconcerned by; mediocre
  42. taciturn
    adj. habitually silent; talking little
  43. chalice
    n. goblet; consecrated cup
  44. bullion
    n. god and silver in the form of bars
  45. vagabond
    n. wanderer; tramp
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SAT Vocabulary List 14
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