Devil in the White City Flash Cards

  1. Daniel Burnham
    the protagonist; is a talented Chicago architect who; along with his partner John Root; is given the task of building the 1893 Chicago World's Fair; the World's Columbian Exposition. Although a skilled architect himself; is really the businessman and public relations expert of the pair. Despite being haunted by a lack of formal education; he is motivated by his pride and a sense of determination and tackles and accomplishes the daunting task of creating a monumental world's fair that will improve the global reputation of the city of Chicago
  2. John Root
    the partner of Daniel Burnham; he accepts the challenge of building the 1893 Chicago World's Fair along with Burnham; is the perfect partner and complement to Burnham. While Burnham has the business savvy and people skills; he is truly the architectural genius behind the duo. Hisintelligence and depth are something that people; including Burnham; admire. Unfortunately; he suffers illness and dies before the fair really even begins construction.
  3. Olmsted
    a distinguished landscape architect whom Burnham and Root hire for the creation of the fair. Being well established in his profession and credited with his contributions to Central Park in New York; he is driven to work on the fair by a desire to validate his profession. The temperamental and melancholy he takes great pride in his work and contributes greatly to Burnham's success with the fair despite encountering several bouts of illness and depression and a heavy workload outside of the fair; dies of dementia in 1903
  4. H H Holmes
    The antagonist of the novel; is a psychopathic doctor; pharmacist; and serial killer from New Hampshire who comes to Chicago a few years before construction of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. In Chicago; he uses his skills of manipulation; charm; and deceit to commit several crimes; including theft; insurance fraud; and murder. His murdering comes to a halt in Philadelphia as his arrest for insurance fraud prompts deeper investigation into his past. Goes to trial in Philadelphia; is convicted; and is given the maximum sentence of death. He admits to killing many people. However; no one is sure exactly how many people he murdered because he confessed three times during his imprisonment — each version varying in detail. Fearful that his body might be used for science or other purposes; he arranges to be encased in cement in his coffin. After his death; strange things happen to key people connected with convicting him
  5. Frank Geyer
    the Philadelphia detective who is assigned the job of investigating the Holmes case while Holmes sits in a Philadelphia prison for insurance fraud. Suspecting Holmes has committed several crimes; including the murder of three children of one of his associates; he investigates. Motivated to understand what makes Holmes tick; he retraces Holmes's steps in his travels across the Midwest with the missing children; and uncovers the psychopath's past criminal activity.
  6. Margaret Sherman Burnham
    Devoted wife of Daniel Burnham; she Burnham has five children with Burnham and cares for them in their Evanston; Illinois; home while Burnham stays on site of the fair for three years; all the while writing Burnham letters on almost a daily basis.
  7. Richard Hunt
    Elitist New York architect whose skills Burnham desperately covets in helping to create the fair; Burnham eventually convinces this reluctant man to join the team and create one of the most important buildings of the fair - The Administration Building
  8. George Post
    Another egotistical New York architect whom Burnham convinces to help build the fair; he is given the responsibility of building one of the major buildings of the fair - The Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
  9. Louis Sullivan
    Alcoholic Chicago architect who reluctantly joins Burnham's efforts in building the fair;he eventually joins the team of architects who are building the fair despite feeling snubbed by Burnham and Root's initial neglect to invite Chicago architects to help build the fair.
  10. Patrick Prendergast
    Aspiring journalist and politician; psychopath; belives that if he supports Harrison and the candidate wins; surely Harrison will appoint him a position; specifically the position of corporation counsel; At one point; he is spotted walking into a tree at a nearby park. He writes a Jesus-preaching postcard to a man named W.F. Cooling and tells him that once hebecomes corporation counsel; he will be Cooling's boss. He makes a trip to City Hall to inquire as to why he has not yet been appointed to corporation counsel under the Harrison administration. Upon entering the building; he introduces himself to the clerk as the future corporation counsel; causing the clerk to laugh. He asks to see the current corporation counsel; who mocks him by taking him to meet others in the building. Assassinates Harrison right before the closing of the fair; is sentenced to death in 1893 for the murder of Mayor Harrison.
  11. Carter Henry Harrison
    Proud Mayor of Chicago elected during the building of 1893 Chicago World's Fair; he is assassinated in his home by Patrick Prendergast just before the fair's closing in October 1893.
  12. Frank Millet
    Burnham hires this devoted friend and famous artist to paint fair buildings and promote the fair to the public. Burnham tries to contact him while aboard the Olympic; but discovers that he was on the Titanic and died
  13. Sol Bloom
    Innovative; creative; and spontaneous; this San Franciscan is hired to create the midway for the fair. At the 1889 exposition in Paris; this man; a young and savvy entrepreneur; bought the rights to a certain exhibit at all future expositions. However; Chicago has rejected his bid. Upset; he goes to talk to a friend who wields power; conveniently a member of the national commission of expositions. As a result; he ends up with the job of envisioning and creating the midway at the Chicago fair. He heads to Chicago. Loses everything in a bad investment but proves resilient as he finds a future career in politics.
  14. George Ferris
    Determined; courageous; and innovative; this Pennsylvania engineer proposes to transcend the Paris exposition's Eiffel Tower; and he makes history by building the first Ferris wheel for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair; succumbs to typhoid fever in 1896
  15. Clara A Lovering
    The first wife of H.H. Holmes; then known by his birth name Herman Mudgett; she marries Holmes in their home state of New Hampshire; only to be left by Holmes shortly thereafter; he never legally divorces her
  16. Myrna Z Belknap
    Holmes's second wife; she is a voluptuous blonde who moves from Minnesota to Chicago for Holmes; becomes somewhat estranged from Holmes because he flirts with other females in the store; and moves into her parents' home with their daughter Lucy once they move to Illinois.
  17. Ned Conner
    After moving to Chicago and into Holmes's building; he operates the jewelry counter in Holmes's pharmacy. He becomes suspicious of Holmes (especially after Holmes asks him to help him check to see if a room is soundproof); separates and divorces his wife who becomes involved with Holmes; leaves his daughter; and moves out of the building.
  18. Gertrude Conner
    Sister of Ned Conner; she is a stunning dark-haired beauty who moves into Holmes's building with her brother Ned; sister-in-law; and niece. She becomes enchanted and then disgruntled with Holmes before moving back to Iowa; where she dies mysteriously and unexpectedly.
  19. Julia Conner
    Wife of Ned Conner; this vulnerable woman moves into Holmes's building with her husband; separates and divorces her husband; becomes involved with Holmes and pregnant with his child; Holmes agrees to marry her if she will let him give her an abortion - he murders her and Pearl with chloroform
  20. Pearl Conner
    Daughter of Ned and Julia Conner; she becomes one of Holmes's many victims after he kills her mother.
  21. Benjamin Pietzel
    is an alcoholic carpenter and father of five whom Holmes hires to help construct his hotel and whom Holmes eventually kills.
  22. Emeline Cigrand
    Beautiful Lafayette; Indiana; native; is lured to Chicago by Holmes (after he hears of her beauty from Pietzel when he is at a treatment facility being cured for his alcoholism - she's an employee there); who offers her a job (for double the money she makes there) and later proposes to her. Holmes then kills her before she makes her planned exit from Chicago; leaves her footprint on the vault
  23. Minnie Williams
    Holmes rekindles a former relationship with her after she moves to Chicago; marries her to con her out of her inheritance; and murders her.
  24. Anna Williams
    School teacher sister of Minnie Williams; she accepts Holmes's invitation to Chicago (because she knows about the transfer of the Minnie's inheritance; and Holmes thinks she doesn't trust him); She is immediately charmed by Holmes's affection for Minnie; and her suspicion of Holmes vanishes. Holmes and Minnie take heron a tour of downtown Chicago; the Union Stockyards where they see pigs slaughtered; and then the fair. For many days; the threesome visits the fair. Finally; Holmes invites her to stay for the summer; and she immediately accepts and sends for her trunk full of things; Holmes makes her an offer she can't refuse. Holmes wants Minnie and her to travel to the East coast with him and then sail to Europe. He says he wants her to check out art schools because he thinks she is talented. She accepts the offer. The next day; Holmes decides to take her on a tour of his World's Fair Hotel while Minnie stays back and packs for the trip. Holmes takes her to the pharmacy building; gives her the tour; leads her to his office; and locks her in his vault. He listens as she knocks on the door and walls of the vault. All the while; she thinks she is accidentally shut in there and that Holmes has left room for a moment. Her panic increases; and Holmes enjoys what he hears. He then fills the vault with gas and kills her
  25. Georgiana Yoke
    Final love interest of Holmes in Chicago; she marries Holmes and travels around the country with him until he is arrested for insurance fraud.
  26. Carrie Pietzel
    is the wife of Benjamin Pietzel; who is also manipulated in several ways by Holmes. Holmes convinces her to let him take three of her children; whom he murders.
  27. Howard Pietzel
    Son of Carrie and Benjamin Pietzel; he is murdered by Holmes in Indianapolis; Indiana.
  28. Nellie Pietzel
    Homesick daughter of Carrie and Benjamin Pietzel;she is murdered by Holmes in Toronto after traveling with him to several cities and writing numerous letters to her mother. The letters ultimately lead detectives to her body.
  29. Alice Pietzel
    Another homesick daughter of Carrie and Benjamin Pietzel; she is also murdered by Holmes.
  30. Herman Webster Mudgett
    given birth name of Holmes
  31. New York; Washington; and St. Louis
    Three other American cities that put in bids for the fair
  32. Tribune
    What office do the citizens of Chicago wait outside to hear news of the bid?
  33. Mary Walker
    first wife of Root; daughter of the president of the stock yard; She soon thereafter dies of tuberculosis
  34. Dora Monroe
    one of the bridesmaids of Root's first wife; he marries her after his first wife dies; she is the sister of poet Harriet Monroe.
  35. Montauk
    "the first building to be called a ""skyscraper"" ; designed by Root and Burnham before the fair"
  36. Evanston
    The place Burnham moves his is growing family of five children to; a bit away from the city; out of growing concern for his children's safety.
  37. World's Columbian Exposition Company
    The company Chicago creates to build the fair
  38. Jackson Park
    site of the fair in Chicago
  39. E. S. Holton Drugs
    place where Holmes convinces the store owner to hire him; She is in serious need of help because of her husband's medical condition so she hires him; After the death of Mr. Holton; Holmes offers to buy the business from her and let her live upstairs. She agrees; and Holmes takes out a loan against the store to pay for this business venture. He even changes the name of the store. Soon after; Mrs. Holton mysteriously disappears. Holmes makes up a story about her visiting out-of-state relatives to those who inquire about her whereabouts.
  40. Ellsworth
    The friend Holmes sends to New York to solicit 68-year-old and sickly Frederick Olmsted for help with site selection and building of the fair; Without the authority to do so; Burnham's friend makes Olmsted an offer that Olmsted declines. He continues to play on Olmsted's sense of patriotism; pride; and competition to tempt him into helping make the Chicago fair better than that of France's recent exposition
  41. Henry Codman
    a member of Olmstead's firm who makes a trip to Chicago with Olmstead to meet Burnham and scope out potential sites for the fair; the assistant Olmsted has left in charge in Chicago; falls ill and dies. Olmsted returns to Chicago unable to handle his affairs as his grief overwhelms him; Olmsted falls ill again
  42. Lucy
    Holmes's daughter that he fathers with Myrta Z. Belknap; Holmes visits her sporadically
  43. Englewood
    Where Holmes buys a store to create his new pharmacy/hotel/murdering place
  44. Robert Peabody
    from Boston; part of the group of architects Burnham meets with in New York; When Burnham leaves New York; he is the only architect who has officially joined the effort to build the fair; designs the Machinery Building
  45. Atwood
    Burnham also encounters frustrations with having to get every move cleared by the commission. He feels the need to find a replacement for Root and eventually hires this man as designer for the fair.
  46. purify; Waukesha; Wisconsin
    Burnham devises a plan to not only _______ Chicago water; but also offer fairgoers fresh water from a spring in __________; ___________(for a price). The people there take exception to the plan to tap their natural springs. Burnham's man sends in a midnight crew to avoid the townspeople's scrutiny and scorn; only to be met with an organized mass of citizens willing to dole out violence to prevent a pipeline. Eventually; Burnham's man buys a nearby spring and lets the town have its peace. The fair's overall reputation continues to be at risk as more workers die in the construction process
  47. Crowes
    Name of the couple who are renting an apartment in Holmes's building; Julia tells Mrs. Crowe she is anticipating leaving for Iowa soon for her sister's wedding. Julia and the Crowe couple decorate a tree as a surprise for Julia's daughter; Pearl; before Julia leaves to get her abortion; The next day; the Crowes wait for as long as they can before leaving for their Christmas plans; but Julia and Pearl never show up. Mrs. Crowe inquires about Julia to Holmes. He says she and Pearl left for Iowa.
  48. Mr. Chappell
    Man Holmes calls to help him with a body (Julia's) he has been using for research. Holmes pays him to strip the body and send back the skeleton to Holmes. Holmes knows that medical schools need skeletons and that they don't investigate where their suppliers get them. He sells Julia's body to a medical school in Chicago.
  49. Wooded; Japan
    Olmsted works diligently to protect the________ Island; an area he wants to reserve for nature; Many powerful people in society; including Theodore Roosevelt; set forth grand ideas about use of the island space. Finally; Olmsted; with Burnham's urging; allows a bid from ________ for it; an offer he sees as a lesser of all evils in interrupting his vision.
  50. white; Francis Millet; spray paint
    Burnham makes the decision to make all the buildings for the exposition _______. Eventually; Burnham replaces the man originally responsible for color selection with famous artist ____________; who invents the concept of ____________ to get the job done.
  51. Alfred Trude
    A mentally declining Prendergast; still employed by the Inter Ocean; writes a postcard to this leading defense attorney of Chicago; The content of the postcard is incomprehensible; and Prendergast does not sign his name. He brushes off the note and resolves it to be the work of some crackpot. However; he decides to keep the note all the same; he later receives a postcard from Prendergast celebrating Harrison's Democratic nomination for the mayor of Chicago - he keeps this postcard as well
  52. Mrs. Lawrence
    Emeline's friend who she visits in the winter holiday season of 1892; She tells her that she will be going home to Lafayette; Indiana; for the holidays and implies that she might stay there. This woman questions whether or not Emeline's feelings for Holmes have changed. She never sees Emeline again. Eventually; out of concern for Emeline; she asks Holmes about his personal secretary's whereabouts. He tells her that Emeline has gone off to be married. She finds it odd that she didn't know this; being friends with Emeline. With more questioning; Holmes produces Emeline's wedding announcement as confirmation of her plans. Sheis still suspicious and continues to raise questions with Holmes for quite some time. At this point; she is convinced that he killed her; but she never goes to the authorities.
  53. Rudolf Ulrich
    After Codman dies; Olmstead goes back home and sends this other assistant to Chicago to do the work for the fair. Olmsted expresses distrust of him feeling he lacks insight to do the job
  54. 5/1/1893
    Opening Day of the Fair
  55. flat
    All the young female guests only spark jealousy in Minnie. In response; Holmes decides to rent a _____ outside of the hotel; telling Minnie it would be a better place for them to have children. With the flat conveniently located several blocks from the hotel; Holmes and Minnie move in at the beginning of June 1893. Their move leaves Holmes free to enjoy the hotel.
  56. World's Fair Hotel
    The name of the hotel Holmes builds
  57. Infanta Eulalia
    Spanish royalty who visits the fair; She brushes off many of the events that have been specially prepared and created for her. She envies the liberated way of the Chicago women she sees; and she sometimes acts accordingly. She seems regretful to have to leave Chicago at the end of her visit; although the people of Chicago feel more than snubbed by her Highness
  58. Cold Storage Building
    building where there is a fire that Burnham does not known about - not made privy to a warning about the future of the building; issued by the chief of the fair's fire department; Months later;another fire breaks out in this building. The fair's fire department responds; and several firefighters die as they become trapped on a tower. The day after the fire; fair attendance soars to over 100;000. In response to the fire; the coroner orders an investigation; and Burnham is forced to testify in court. The jury charges Burnham with negligence; but the police are surprised by this and do not arrest Burnham. Upon return to the fair; Burnham takes extra precautionary measures in response to the fire. The fair's exposition directors give a committee power to oversee the reduction of fair spending. Yet again; Burnham is faced with another challenge in encouraging fair attendance as this committee scrutinizes his every move.
  59. railroads
    What is one entity that needed to lower its prices to get people to come to the fair?
  60. Theodore Dreiser; Georgina Yoke; Harrison
    Chapter 41 covers the courtship of three couples. First; the narrative describes how the famous writer __________________ courts a reluctant school teacher from St. Louis at the fair; a woman who eventually agrees to marry the American novelist. The chapter then shifts focus to Holmes; his new love interest; ___________________; and how he uses the fair to court her. Holmes finally proposes to her and marries her under a different name. The third courtship in this chapter is that of 60-something-year-old Mayor ___________ and a young 20-something. The pair likely will announce their engagement at the end of October; on the day of the fair's closing ceremony.
  61. Chicago Day
    Held on October 9th; a promotional event by Millet; Harrison requests that businesses shut down in honor and celebration. It puts the fair at record attendance; approximately 750;000 people attend in a single day. The outpouring brings the fair out of debt
  62. Georgiana Yoke; Alice and Nellie Pietzel; and Carrie Pietzel and her other two children
    During his travels; Holmes was moving three separate groups around the same city without them being aware of each other:
  63. Toronto
    Geyer finds the remains of Alice and Nellie in
  64. Irvington
    Geyer finds the remains of Howard in
  65. McKim
    designs the Agricultural Building
  66. Beman
    designs the Mines and Mining Building
  67. Van Brunt and Howe
    design the Electricity Building;
  68. Hayden
    designs the Woman's Building
  69. Westinghouse; General Electric; alternating
    _________________ wins the bid over the _________________ Company for the fair to have an ______________ current for power
  70. How did millet die?
  71. What was the problem with chicago's soil and how did root fix it?
    It was wet and it would't support a building. Root designed the floating foundation.
  72. What stereotype chicago try to disprove by winning the world's fair?
    That they was pig slaughterers
  73. How did Burnham meet his wife?
    It was his employer's daughter.
  74. What did Chauncy Depew promise the white chapel club?
    If Chicago prevailed; Jack the Ripper could kill him.
  75. What promised endless work for the Chicago people?
    The Chicago fire.
  76. Where did Holmes say Dr. Holton's wife go?
    California with her family.
  77. Why did Holmes constantly fire his workers?
    So he could keep the building plans a secret and so he could save money on labor.
  78. What did Holmes say to the laundromat lady that scared her?
    "He said ""Don't be afraid of me"""
  79. "Why was Chicago called ""the Windy City""?"
    "Because of the ""Big Talk"" (they were being cocky)"
  80. What is ironic about the lights in Chicago
    They are powered by smoke-creating generators
  81. Macabre
    "Disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury: ""a macabre series of murders""."
  82. Prendergast's future rested on who?
  83. Chicago's world fair was meant to celebrate what event?
    The arrival of Columbus's expedition?
  84. What other cities were considered for hosting the world's fair?
    NYC; Washington DC; St Louis
  85. He was sixty-five years old and had become a large man. His hair had turned gray; his mustache nearly white; but his eyes were as blue as ever; bluer at this instant by proximity to the sea
    Burnham (pg 3)
  86. This prolonging of a man's life doesn't interest me when he's done his work and has done it pretty well
    Burnham (pg. 3)
  87. Who was on the Titanic when it sank? (hint: Burnham's friend)
    Frank Millet
  88. described himself as the Devil and contended that his physical shape had begun to alter
    Holmes (pg. 6)
  89. a young handsome doctor stepped from a train; his surgical valise in hand. He entered a world of clamor; smoke and steam; refulgent with the scents of murdered cattle and pigs. He found it to his liking
    Holmes (pg 12)
  90. "Why was Chicago nicknamed the ""Windy City"""
    because of the big talk; not the breeze (pg 14)
  91. born....into a family devoted to Swedenborgian principles of obedience; self-subordination; and public service.....was a lackluster student.....He excelled; however; at drawing and sketched constantly. He was eighteen when his father sent him east to study with private tutors to prepare him for the entrance exams for Harvard and Yale
    Burnham (pg 19)
  92. What was one thing that Burnham never forgot that occurred before he became an architect?
    not being able to get into Harvard and Yale (pg 19)
  93. was a musical prodigy who could sing before he could talk......studied civil engineering at New York University and became a draftsman for the architect who later designed St. Patrick's Cathedral
    John Root (pg 20)
  94. He wore black and looked ordinary; but in his past there was blood; death and profit in staggering quantity
    John B. Sherman; owner of the Union Stockyards (pg 20)
  95. What did Chicago depend on economically? What was it's main business?
    The Union Stockyards (20)
  96. Who did Burnham marry?
    Margaret Sherman; daughter of John B. Sherman (21)
  97. a young man with a mildly haughty air and an odd strut-not ego
    Sullivan (21)
  98. Who did Root marry initially? What happened to her?
    Mary; during engagement she became ill with tuberculosis; but he still married her. Six weeks later; she died (22)
  99. Who built the first skyscraper? What was its real name?
    Burnham and Root; Montauk (25)
  100. He would grow abstracted and silent; and a faraway look would come into his eyes; and the building was there before him-every stone
    Burnham says this about Root (26)
  101. He walked with confidence and dressed well; conjuring an impression of wealth and achievement. He was twenty six years old. His height was five feet; eight inches; he weighed only 155 pounds. He had dark hair and striking blue eyes; once likened to the eyes of a Mesmerist
    Holmes (35)
  102. A physician named Capen; noted Holme's appearance. What part of Holmes did he find the most striking?
    His ears (35)
  103. He broke prevailing rules of casual intimacy: He stood too close; stared too hard; touched too much and long. And women adored him for it
    Holmes (36)
  104. Holmes' real name
    Herman Webster Mudgett (37)
  105. he drifted through childhood as a small; odd; and exceptionally bright the cruel imaginations of his peers; he became prey
    Holmes (38)
  106. What happened to Holmes as a child that according to him was a terrible experience?
    Some kids brought him to a doctor's office and forced him to come face to face with a skeleton (39)
  107. What did Holmes promise Mrs. Holton?
    He would buy the store; and she could continue to reside in the second-floor apartment (46)
  108. What was Holmes' excuse for Mrs. Holton's disappearance?
    She had decided to visit relatives in California; but liked it so much that she decided to settle there permanently (47)
  109. "had grown increasingly susceptible to illness. He was sixty-eight years old and partly lame from a decades-old carriage accident that had left one leg an inch shorter than the other. He was prone to lengthy bouts of depression. His teeth hurt. He had chronic insomnia and facial neuralgia......(there is more to this quote) Olmstead (51)
  110. Where did the fair take place (what park)? Jackson Park in Chicago
  111. What was Prendergast obsessed with? writing postcards to the most powerful men in the city
  112. Why did Myrta Belknap (Holmes' second wife) become jealous and watchful? Because of all the young women who came into the store- he would smile; touch them; etc. (65)
  113. What were some strange things about Holmes' building? a wooden chute that would descend from a secret location on the second floor all the way to the basement; a walk- in vault with airtight seams and asbestos-coated iron walls; a gas jet embedded in one wall that could be controlled from his closet; large basement with hidden chambers and a subbasement for the permanent storage of sensitive material (66-67)
  114. Why did Holmes' recruit workers and then fire them? So that he wouldn't have to pay them and because nobody would know all of his plans
  115. What did Holmes ask a bricklayer; George Bowman; to do? drop a stone on his brother-in-law's head; said in return he would give him fifty dollars (68)
  116. had smooth features and a sharp well-defined chin. He might have been handsome if not for a certain hungry gauntness and the way the lids of his eyes cloaked the top of each iris....a man nearly six feet high...having very black and somewhat coarse hair; very thick; with no tendency to baldness; his mustache was a much lighter color....plagued with various maladies: sore knees....a wart on his neck....and teeth so painful.....chronic alcoholic"""
    Pitezel (69)
  117. what were some things that Burnham would have to build?
    railroad withing the fairgrounds; police force; fire department; a hospital and an ambulance service (76)
  118. fierce; a frown in a suit; with a client list that included most of America's richest families. Every other mansion in Newport; Rhode Island; and along Fifth Avenue in New York seemed to have been designed by him; but he had also built the base for the Statue of Liberty and was a founder of the American Institute of Architects
    Hunt (79)
  119. What did Holmes intend to do with his hotel?
    get a large fire insurance policy and after the fair burn it to collect the insurance (85)
  120. What did Holmes ask Myrta's great uncle; Jonathan Belknap to do? What other thing did he ask him to do?
    endorse a note for $2;500 to help cover the cost of a new house in Wilmette for himself and Myrta (87) and he wanted him to go on the roof...probably so he could kill him (88-89)
  121. Lead architect for the World's fair
    Daniel Burnham
  122. In charge of special events at the World's Fair; dies on the Titanic
    Frank Millet
  123. Serial killer in London
    Jack the Ripper
  124. Burnham's longtime partner; died shortly before the opening of the exposition
    John Root
  125. Designs the most prominent figure at the Paris Exposition
    Alexandre Eiffel
  126. Was turned down by Harvard and Yale; wanted to become the greatest architect in the city or country
    Daniel Burnham
  127. Discovered the secret to creating a solid foundation in the Chicago soil
    John Root
  128. He stood too close; stared too hard; touched much too long
    H. H. Holmes
  129. Sells her drugstore to Holmes; later disappears after supposedly going to visit relatives in California
    Mrs. Holton
  130. Original name for H. H. Holmes
    Herman Webster Mudgett
  131. Landscape architect for the fair; also designed Central Park
    Frederick Olmsted
  132. Assistant to Olmsted; very young
    Harry Codman
  133. First architect to suggest that the fair should be built in Jackson Park
    Frederick Olmsted
  134. a young Irish immigrant - and a staunch supporter of Carter Harrison; described as a troubled young man
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  135. "Holmes' first wife; the ""original Mrs. Herman Webster Mudgett"""
    Clara Lovering
  136. Holmes' second wife; met him in Minneapolis; moved in with her parents after she felt neglected by Holmes
    Myrta Belknap
  137. Holmes' daughter from his marriage to Myrta
  138. Bought land across the street from the Holton drug store and built a two story building
    H. H. Holmes
  139. Articulator who cleaned flesh off corpses that Holmes had killed
    Charles Chappell
  140. Caretaker of Holmes' building
    Patrick Quinlan
  141. "Described as being Holmes' ""creature""; Holmes bailed him out of jail for passing forged checks"
    Ben Pitezel
  142. Bought things on credit and had a remarkable ability to delay paying off his debts
    H. H. Holmes
  143. The nation's most prominent architect
    Richard Hunt
  144. Architect who partnered with Adler in a Chicago firm that rivaled Burnham and Root; he often criticized Burnham's actions
    Louis Sullivan
  145. Partnered with Louis Sullivan
    Dankmar Adler
  146. Myrta Belknap's great uncle whom Holmes used to get money
    Jonathan Belknap
  147. President of the Exposition
    Lyman Gage
  148. Moved to Chicago with his wife Julia; and daughter Pearl; he worked the jewelry counter in Holmes' building
    Ned Conner
  149. This city is known as the land of unclean beasts
    New York
  150. Ned Conner's sister; hired by Holmes to manage his new mail-order medicine company
    Gertrude Conner
  151. "He was ""obsessed by the feudal idea of power"" according to Louis Sullivan"
    Daniel Burnham
  152. "He was ""obsessed by the beneficent idea of Democratic power"""
    Louis Sullivan
  153. Architect who abhorred the idea of neoclassical architecture
    Louis Sullivan
  154. Died shortly before construction on the Exposition began; caused Burnham much sadness
    John Root
  155. Designed the Administration Building
    Richard Hunt
  156. Designed the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
    George Post
  157. Designed the Transportation Building and its massive Golden Door
    Louis Sullivan
  158. Served as head of the National Commission; struggled with Burnham for more control over the fair
    Director-General Davis
  159. Wants to marry Holmes after her husband Ned leaves Chicago; Holmes kills her with chloroform
    Julia Conner
  160. Daughter of Julia; killed by Holmes with chloroform
    Pearl Conner
  161. "Mayor who represented ""the old Chicago of filth; smoke; and vice"""
    Carter Harrison
  162. Encouraged the fair to use direct current as a source of power for the lights
    Thomas Edison
  163. His company received the job of lighting the fair using alternating current
    George Westinghouse
  164. Also know as Buffalo Bill; his Wild West Show was not given a concession at the fair but became extremely popular
    Colonel William Cody
  165. Ran his Algerian Village at the fair
    Sol Bloom
  166. Young entrepreneur from California whom Burnham put in charge of the Midway
    Sol Bloom
  167. Was a heavy drinker and received the Keeley cure for alcoholics
    Ben Pitezel
  168. Worked at the Keeley Institute; came to work for Holmes as his personal secretary
    Emeline Cigrand
  169. Wanted to use the Wooded Island for the hunting camp exhibit of his Boone and Crockett Club
    Theodore Roosevelt
  170. Insisted that no structures be placed on the Wooded Island
    Frederick Olmsted
  171. Sends a letter to lawyer Alfred S. Trude; and the same lawyer ends up prosecuting him after the murder of Carter Harrison
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  172. "Designs the ""Eiffel-challenger"""
    George Ferris
  173. Lived in Holmes' building and was good friends with Emeline; became suspicious after Emeline's disappearance
    Mrs. Lawrence
  174. Was murdered by Holmes in the room-sized vault; etched her footprint into the enamel in the vault
    Emeline Cigrand
  175. Olmsted's assistant who dies at age 29 shortly before the opening of the fair
    Harry Codman
  176. Olmsted's superintendent whom he did not fully trust
    Rudolf Ulrich
  177. Was happy to help detectives who had come looking for some of his missing victims
    H. H. Holmes
  178. Met Holmes in Boston; knew him as Harry Gordon
    Minnie Williams
  179. "Moved to Chicago where she fell in love with ""Harry Gordon"""
    Minnie Williams
  180. Sister of Minnie; she is skeptical of Holmes and Minnie's relationship
    Anna Williams
  181. Signed over her estate in Fort Worth to Holmes
    Minnie Williams
  182. He uses the support of the lower; working class to be elected to his fifth term as mayor
    Carter Harrison
  183. "Believed that if ""you worked to advance the interests of the machine; the machine paid you back"""
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  184. "He is the ""Pilot of the Prairie; the Last Pioneer"""
    Buffalo Bill (William Cody)
  185. Owner of the World's Fair Hotel
    H. H. Holmes
  186. President of the United States during the fair
    Grover Cleveland
  187. Turns the gold key to start the fair
    Grover Cleveland
  188. Purchases an apartment on the North Side for Minnie and himself
    H. H. Holmes
  189. Convinced that he will become corporation counsel in Mayor Harrison's office
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  190. Ferris' assistants who supervised the first turning of the wheel
    W. F. Gronau and Luther Rice
  191. First of Spain's official emissary to visit the fair
    Infanta Eulalia
  192. "Began to call Holmes ""Brother Harry""; she was awed by the fair"
    Anna Williams
  193. Bought his son a tin man mounted on a spinning top at the fair
    Ben Pitezel
  194. Woman who insisted on being in the first Ferris Wheel car to turn
    Mrs. Ferris
  195. This lady with was invited to Buffalo Bill's show after claiming that her son would learn more at the show than at Church
    Susan B. Anthony
  196. Suffocated by Holmes in the room-sized vault after he asks her to retrieve a paper he left in the vault
    Anna Williams
  197. Designer of the Cold Storage Building
    Frank Burnham
  198. Holmes wife who married him under the alias Henry Mansfield Howard
    Georgiana Yoke
  199. Organized the Midway Ball and many other special events
    Frank Millet
  200. Leaves Chicago to escape the creditors ready to put him in jail
    H. H. Holmes
  201. Buys a life insurance policy for Ben Pitezel
    H. H. Holmes
  202. Shot the mayor then turned himself in
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  203. "This man's murder ""fell upon the city like a heavy curtain. There was the time before; there was the time after."""
    Carter Harrison
  204. Detective who was assigned to investigate the murders of the Pitezel children
    Detective Frank Geyer
  205. Murdered by Holmes in an attempt to swindle the life insurance company
    Ben Pitezel
  206. Second oldest Pitezel child; oldest of the three Pitezel children who accompanied Holmes; murdered by Holmes in Toronto
    Alice Pitezel
  207. Third oldest Pitezel child; second oldest child who accompanied Holmes; murdered by Holmes in Toronto; her feet were cut off
    Nellie Pitezel
  208. Second youngest Pitezel child; youngest child who accompanied Holmes; he was the first Pitezel child murdered by Holmes in Indianapolis
    Howard Pitezel
  209. Mother of Alice; Nellie; and Howard
    Carrie Pitezel
  210. Holmes claimed that this man worked with Minnie Williams to dispatch of the three Pitezel children
  211. Uses the fair as an inspiration to design his amusement parks
    Walt Disney
  212. Uses the fair to aid in his creation of the Emerald City of Oz
    L. Frank Baum
  213. After the fair; he created citywide plans for Cleveland; San Francisco; Manila and Washington D.C.; but turned down offers from Fort Worth; Atlantic City and St. Louis to work on his plan for Chicago
    Daniel Burnham
  214. His business fell after the fair; he often went to Burnham to ask for loans and sell him artwork
    Louis Sullivan
  215. "He insists that people ""will see [Chicago] lovely"" but ""[he] never will"""
    Daniel Burnham
  216. Became forgetful and violent due to his dementia and he died in 1903
    Frederick Olmsted
  217. Died at the age of 37 from typhoid fever
    George Ferris
  218. Lost all of his money after the fair; became a congressman and helped create the charter that founded the United Nations
    Sol Bloom
  219. Prosecuted by the lawyer Alfred S. Trude; executed
    Patrick Eugene Joseph Prendergast
  220. Executed and buried with several feet of concrete around his coffin
    H. H. Holmes
  221. Claimed that he started to resemble the devil as he neared death
    H. H. Holmes
  222. Died June 1; 1912 from a combination of diabetes; colitis and a foot infection
    Daniel Burnham
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